Tyson's is OPEN

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  1. The BV boutique at Tyson's Corner in Mc Clean Virginia is open.

    Phone #703-442-3138

    Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10-9, Sunday 12-6
    :woohoo: :yahoo: :tup:
  2. Have you been yet? I went last Thursday. It's a very nice boutique!
  3. Not yet.
  4. OMG, I'm hyperventilating! :yahoo: I want to see it so badly! Tell me everything, kiss_p--what did you think of it? Are they friendly?

    Son's family is coming this Wed. for a visit. How soon can I politely visit them LOL? :graucho: They live 10 min. from there.

  5. It's an interesting setup. When you first go in, the bags and accessories are by the door. When you go to the left and near the back of the store, they have shoes and ready-to-wear. When I went in, I was greeted by Janelle. She is an assistant manager. She's very friendly and knowledgeable. :tup:
  6. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!! :woohoo::woohoo: I'm going ASAP!
  7. And I'm looking forward to your report, Hope it's better than your NYC experience.
  8. I can't stop thinking about going to the new store. Like a little kid in a candy store :smile:
  9. I was in VA over the weekend, and visited the new store. I met Janelle as well- she was very nice, very helpful and so excited about the new store! Such beautiful stuff- didn't buy anything though. :nogood:
  10. it's a nice store. quite big with extensive inventory. A nice cabat on the window display is making me drool!
  11. Okay, I couldn't wait any longer. I took off work today and went to the BV Boutique in Tysons. What a different experience from my adventure last week at the BV in New York City. Rather than being utterly ignored, I was greeted at the door by smiling, pleasant people.

    I managed to escape without buying anything (not real sure how that happened, but I'm pretty proud of myself!). I brought them my carminio new ball and showed them the damaged piping, and they offered to send it for repair free of charge. They recognized that the bag is new and is in otherwise pristine condition, so they said it was not a problem. I paid $15 shipping. The only down side is that I won't get the bag back for 4-6 weeks. Gak!

    I also got to see the resort catalogue. There are some crazy bags coming to BV late fall!
  12. That is great news about both your experience in the boutique and with them fixing your Ball! And don't keep us hanging - do tell what you saw in the resort catalogue!!!
  13. KathyK, I'm glad you took care of the ball. I got my veneta back in two weeks so hopefully you won't have to wait any longer than that. BV guarantees their bags for the first year by waiving any repair charges. I hope it's fixed to your satisfaction. Glad to know the Tyson's store was a pleasant experience. Of all the stores on the east coast, it's the closest to me. DH and I are thinking of taking a long weekend in AC this fall. If we do, I'll finally get to meet Nicole, who's been so helpful, and see that boutique. I've already given DH fair warning it could be an expensive weekend!
  14. Sorry, I didn't mean to tease, just am not quite sure how to describe the resort bags. First of all, they are really kind of edgy, not the subdued classic styling I think of as BV. As an example, there are a few that have sort of polka dot multi-color leather knots all over the bags. The leather on these is NOT woven, just plain nappa. There is a beige version and a white version, both in (I think) a couple of sizes. There really was nothing that bowled me over. Maybe I just have to see them in person.

    BTW, the Tysons store has pet items. I love my dog and would do almost anything for her, but a stainless dog bowl that is seated in a woven leather tray? A woven leash? A BV doggie bed? She'd chew the things to shreds in a week!
  15. ^^ like this one? :biggrin:

    I remember the doggie items!! The woven leash is so yummy that I would definitely walk my dog more often if I ever get it, LOL!!

    In any case, I'm so glad that you had a fantastic experience at Tysons, Kathy K, and so sorry about what happened at the NYC. That's where I go and so far have had very positive experience...

    So..., this is relatively close to DC, yes? I wonder if I could swing by next time I visit DC...:graucho: