Tysons II Chanel Boutique

  1. I have had it with the Chanel boutique at Tysons II/Galleria in Virginia. Everytime I go in the same woman appears to be the only staff person (besides the security guard) in the store.

    If you get her attention and she deams you worthy of buying something, she'll be pushier than a car salesman on the last day of the month - for you to order/buy it.

    Notice I said *if* you get her attention. Normally she ignores me or answers any question I ask as shortly as possible - obviously dismissing me for someone she doesn't believe will buy something.

    I went in again on Saturday - last chance type deal - and she was of course, the only sales person on duty. I wanted some sunglasses, I started looking at sunglasses but didn't see the pair I really came in to try on (the cute new ones with the sun burst on the sides). I asked for help, she walked over to the 'wall' of sunglasses, looked up then down and said, obviously they aren't here and then walked away.

    My better half was about to address her directly to see if we could get any further assistance - I just walked out. :cursing: I finished my shopping and headed to my optometrists office where I promptly purchased 3 pairs of Chanel glasses from him. (normally I just get him to put my lenses in whatever frames I bring him).

    So Ms. Snarky Chanel rep - I'm done with you and will not purchase anything in your store until you are gone. I used to have a Chanel rep at the Mazza/Saks purse dept that I adored but he is now gone.

    Anyone have a Chanel rep in the DC area I can switch to for my purse and accessories needs?
  2. i've never been to the store, but there's one i've dealt w/ over the phone and i'm wondering if it's the same person
  3. hmm--Kyung, this korean lady there is super nice and sweet...

    Also...Bobbie at NM is wonderful--shes in the RTW clothing on the 3rd floor but knows Chanel in and out like the back of her hand...shes located some clothing items for me :smile:
  4. I use Marilyn at Saks, Chevy Chase. I know what you mean about the Tysons Boutique situation. :rolleyes: It's hard to find that mix of attentive but not pushy and loves Chanel. HTH.
  5. I'm not fond of them either. When I was looking for a white flap or bowler they said they were sold out and didn't even bother to look. Sure enough I found it at another NM. If there is something I want I just get it from Lisa at NM in Michigan. I'd rather pay for having it shipped then deal with rude SA's.
  6. I've only found one to be helpful in locating hard to find things (can't remember her name but it is a nice older Asian lady that is the most full-figured of all the reps I have seen there, I wonder if it is Kyung that someone else mentioned) and one that I had purchased from before (won't post name here) got irate that I didn't get it though her but when I had asked her about it she said it didn't exist, didn't know anything about the line and didn't put in the extra effort to find it like that the other woman did. There was a French lady there that was very helpful but she went to launch the new Florida store. I wonder if she was from the mothership? My last 4 Chanels I have found via this blog. I mainly go to the boutique to browse. I also browse Neimans but thusfar haven't bought anything there because I often wanted to use Visa instead of AMEX and they don't take it. Neimans seems to have some very nice and helpful SAs though that I hope to use one day.
  7. dervivalk I know who you are referring to and she is a pill..
    I use INDRA at CHanel Tysons- she calls me all the time and puts me on list and lets me know. I have bought most of my stuff from her. I also deal with Jonathan at the boutique- he is super sweet and super cool...
    Try Marilyn at the Neimans Chanel boutique- she is the best as well.. I found a new rep at the Saks Chevy Chase and she was as sweet as could be- Laura- and if not her talk to Vincent or Shyheim..
    I have been shopping at that Chanel Boutique for years- back when it was on Pennsylvania ave location inside the Ritz(I think it was the RItz) one of those hotels..
    And never do i remember a security guard.. when they first were moved to Tysons- they never had security, I guess something must have happened..
    Being in this DC area, sometimes these sales reps "BRAND" you- oh shes not going to spend any money--why waste my time...'
  8. Thank you ladies, I will try these new reps! it cracks me up, I never have this issue with the Chanel makup SA's! I know I don't fit the physical profile that many SA's 'screen' with and I tend to latch on to SA's that don't follow that school of thought.

    I'll have to try NM more too I suppose, although I really take issue that they don't take Visa, it's such a hassle to shop there for bigger ticket items.
  9. I agree that Laura at the Saks Chevy Chase area is awesome. Marilyn has also been helpful there.
  10. Ah hem, Marilyn at Saks -- when I called yesterday to discuss the tears in the strap of the white jumbo, she had a friend walk in and she abruptly told me she'd have to call me back. She left a message saying return the bag and THEN they would begin to look for another bag. I spoke with Shane later and if no white jumbos are wait listed and a store has an extra one, I can have it. I'm pretty easy going but this is sh_t. $300 gift card or not, I've packed up the bag and they can eat it and their damaged bag. Don't bother with Saks at Chevy Chase.
  11. WOW Jmen, I am SO sorry to hear about your experience, esp. w/Marilyn. I have only had positive ones so far. I totally understand why you'd be ticked; I would be also. Hope everything goes your way.:yes:
  12. Hi CJ, sorry to hear about your bad exsperience. You should take your 3 new pair of sunglasses to the Tysons store and let her know that she blew it. Not sure why our SAs are so rude, don't give them your money. I use Joseph at Saks in NYC. He is wonderful! He will give you his cell phone and he is great at tracking down items. Plus going through the NY store avoids the sales tax. He is my Chanel guy.
  13. i find her very aggressive, and very, umhh, not sure of the word to use, but basically if she doesn't think you are going to buy, she can't even be bothered with you, but once she thinks you will buy, her attitude changes 100%, i find her to be rude