Tysons Corner, VA Gucci Boutique & Neimans sale inventory

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Apr 11, 2006
Visted Neimans and the Gucci boutique at lunch today in Tysons Corner, VA.

At the boutique I saw the gigantic size black britt boston bag. The pink flora peggy bag. I think I saw a plain leather peggy in black. Lots of the navy bags with the white Gucci script in rubber. Lots of canvas travel bags stamped with Gucci. Some of the monogram bags with the gold GG in the corner. They had several hats so if you wanted to order one online and they sold out they have plenty there. They had the fisherman hats in navy with the white rubber Gucci script, the pink baseball caps with the white rubber Gucci script, the monogram fisherman hats with the pink web band. There were some shoes (same ones they are showing online and some they didnt show online) but I didn't pay them much attention as they would not have my size in stock in house.

Neimans had the pink flora peggy and lots of the blue and pink flora shoes in different styles and some other styles that they had on the site. I skimmed the 10-11 area.
Not open for further replies.