Tysons Corner NM - Trunk Show

  1. I just came from the Trunk Show at Tysons Corner VA NM. It was pretty quiet/empty - no champagne, no hoopla.

    The bags are beautiful. In particular, the perforated flaps - a lovely modern twist on a classic. The jumbo white performated flap was gorgeous. They also had a royal blue and kelly green - lovely.

    The SA confirmed that prices for the classic pieces in caviar and lambskin are going up - she said the classic flap medium that is now $1750 will be about $2200 as of Feb 1. She first said that it is because of cost of materials and the falling dollar, but THEN said that "they want to keep the brand exclusive, and the only way to do that is to raise prices on the entry-level pieces."
  2. oh I can't wait for the on at the Saks in mazza!!!

    I can see their point about wanting to keep things more exclusive though - ladies are much more willing to throw down $1000 - $2000 for a bag these days
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the new bags, but the price increases may put Chanel out of my range. I'm not sure I buy the "exclusivity" spin as it really doesn't make sense. The only way to truly make something exclusive is to produce fewer pieces. I think the dramatic price increases are the result of a marketing decision to boost profits at a time when the brand is particularly hot.
  4. I ordered the denim cabas, the rep said it is a dark denim with gold hardware. I can't wait. She said they will start sending it out in Feb. It was really low-key , not too exciting.

  5. kl7474 - The medium (sometimes called large) costs $1,595.00 now in the caviar leather. If I understood correctly, it's going up $606.00 which is a 27.5% increase?! I am shocked! Please confirm thanks.
  6. geeeez now, my most pricey Chanel bag, $1,695, seems like such a deal...............maybe Spring of 2010, the Chanels will start at $4,000 ... the name's exclusive enough lol bah humbug
  7. I remember when I was about 12 years old, my mom told me that Chanel bags were $200 each, which was totally not in the realm of possibilities! While I'm not saying my age, let's just say that my mother told me this when The Beatles were still together.
  8. ^^

    Hmm..all the more reason to start collecting for my future daughters! hehe

    But seriously a price hike like that is ludicrous!