Tysons Chanel and NM Stock - 8/10

  1. PSA! I was just there tonight, both stores had plenty of bags:

    - Medallion Totes in Black, Beige
    - Bubble quilts
    - Patent Mademoiselle bowlers (I saw black)
    - Black flap with the new chain (Jumbo)
    - Black classic (Jumbo)
    - Pink Caviar flap (small)
    - Expandables (sorry, didn't look too closely)
    - A few small cambon reporters

    Chanel Boutique:
    - Dark white reissue flap (small)
    - White caviar classic (jumbo)
    - White caviar classic (medium)
    - Beige/Beige Cambon shoulder bag
    - A few cotton club totes/bags
  2. Thanks for posting.
  3. Thanks for the update!
  4. Thanks for the info...
  5. NM at Tysons corner also had the e/w mc tote in the new brown color. (as of last Sun) Marilyn was nice enough to hold it back for me, but I couldn't purchase it. It's gorgeous! So, if anyone is interested and assuming it's still there, please ask for Marilyn at NM in Tysons corner.
  6. thanks for the update!
  7. do you have their number? i really want the beige on beige cambon tote!
  8. Hi, ask for Atsuko, I just got a reissue from her yesterday, really sweet SA. 703-847-0555.

  9. thanks!
  10. ^i called, and darn darn darn, its really damaged!!!!
    i hope i find one one day...