Tyra's show about fake bags

  1. Did anyone watch it today? I saw it, and I can't say I learned that much. Everything that was said on the show, I kind of already knew. I learned more here on TPF. I just thought it was funny how Tyra kept saying her "friend" who use to model with her buys fake bags all the time, but she will stop now, blah blah blah. I think she was obvioulsy referring to herself by saying "friend". And then when a fake Bbag was shown, she said a friend of hers (a real friend this time not "friend") bought her a fake Bbag, and she was like "you know who you are, you bought me a fake and you knew it was a fake" (something along those lines). I don't know about the rest of you who saw the show, but I felt like she was trying to cover her butt the whole time on the show cause she've been busted for carrying fakes. She blamed her friend for buying her a fake Bbag. Let's say her friend did buy it for her, but I'm sure Tyra knew it was fake and she still carried it. There are pics to prove it, and didn't she have more than one fake Bbag? So what, her friend bought her ALL those fake Bbags? Come on.
  2. i dont like her.
  3. i wanted to see it but my son had a docs appt right at 3pm this afternoon and thats when they aired it here! i'd have to go to the website or something to see it......dang!!!!
  4. Darn... I missed this one~!
  5. Shoot, I missed it, it would be interested to watch the show today. I am not really a big fans of her (that's explaining why I don't watch her daily).
  6. I'm not a Tyra fan either, but someone posted it in the handbags & purses forum and that's how I knew about it, so I decided to watch it thinking I'll learn something... and part of me was curious what Tyra would say on the show about fakes after being seen and photographed carrying fake bbags.
  7. I watched it too, and am glad that Tyra admitted (in her own round-about way) to carrying fakes and said she would stop. Especially considering she's modeled for a lot of the designers.
  8. ^ That's a really good point. Darn I wish I had seen it!
  9. What did they talk about?..like do little children in starving nations make them, or was it about the legalities?
    I don't like her show, or her too much so I never know when it's on.
  10. I hope she really stops carrying them. I'm not really a fan of hers, but would like her if she didn't carry fake illegal bags when she obviously can afford the real thing. Hope Tyra sticks to her guns.
  11. I missed it too, is it coming on again??
  12. i don't like her either...ewwww
  13. I don't like her. It's really stupid of her to carry fake bags and it doesn't matter how she got them. I seriously doubt anybody would buy her fake bags considering she's a celebrity, she's rich and she can afford originals if she wants.
  14. Well, don't forget that Nicole Richie also carried (still carries?) a fake yellow first ... and she should DEFINITELY know better.