Tyrah Banks Talk show ?

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  1. Do you think she makes a good talk show host ?
  2. Oh my, I think she is awful. She seems to be so self-centered and self -absorbed. She has a gift of taking her guests problems and and making them all her own.
  3. She's ok. I havn't seen much of her show because it airs when I have class.
  4. Agreed! I won't be watching.
  5. Not a fan, sorry.
  6. I liked her much better before she found her voice...LOL She was great in magazines; it's irritating to listen to her...it's all about ME!!! I get sick and turn away from the Top Model show when she starts talking. Hahahhhaha
  7. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the show, and it seems every time I turn around she has Janice Dickenson on again:suspiciou *oooh I'm the worlds first supermodel* Bleh! But personally I can only take so much subject matter on models.
  8. she's horrible, yells when she speaks
  9. Horrible, she is fake, and has this fake and unsincereness about her.
  10. she has this fake smile***
  11. When she interviews the people on her shows and talks about their problems, she turns around and says almost EVERY time, "well I think this and I think that...." Who cares what she thinks. Why would we? I also think she seems unsincere and gives very fake looking "hugs"
  12. I may be wrong but she doesn't always seem sincere. Especially if she is comforting a guest with a problem. She needs to be natural. Maybe it's due to inexperience. She has potential though.
  13. I think the show is horrible she repeats herself a million times!!!!
    ex 1: my mama this my mama that i love her without her theres no me like in every episode...
    ex 2: i have to hide my ass i have cellulite on my ass omg i have such a big ass, i even have cellulite on my thighs.........
    ex 3: i have a hair weave, i need to fix my hair weave, it takes hours to look this good.....

    i truly think shes trying to "keep it real" but it just comes out wrong, FAKE, and very annoying!!
  14. I like Tyra's show. Obviously I'm in the minority here :lol:

    I think she really tries to help people but some of the substance is missing. A for effort though. I think the show will improve as she gets more experience.
  15. I used to LOVE Tyra.. but not so sure about this talk show thing.. I've only seen a couple of episodes and I thought they were so-so..