Tyra forgot to wax....

  1. [​IMG]
  2. wow, thats amazing! fancy spending that much time on your make up and then neglecting something soooo obvious! shocking! - great teeth though ;)
  3. Hahahahahahahahah Lmao
  4. Someone needs to start looking for a new makeup artist.:whistle:
  5. Maybe she was hoping no one would notice?
  6. yikes! is this for real?
  7. EWWWWWW...that is just gross..
  8. :lol: Wow, is this real? :lol: She has fabulous teeth and I love her eye makeup.
  9. I really feel like that was Photoshopped, I don't believe for a second she'd leave her house like that.
  10. The sad part is that it's not photoshopped. If you go to WireImage.com.. you'll see the original photos. You can really see Tyra's mustache if you download the "large" size photo.

    This is real :sick:
  11. wow! that's pretty amazing? haha.
  12. Well, she's the prettiest mustache wearing lady I've ever seen!
  13. I agree...

    I've seen worse but of course not celebs..Somehow we expect they are to be "perfect"
  14. hahaha that's embarrassing...

    maybe she is getting laser hair removal...and she has to grow out the hair between sessions?
  15. Sorry, not buying it. lol That's not real.