Tyra Banks to cut uo a Gucci bag Friday

  1. Tyra's show is all about her which sometimes annoys me and sometimes makes me laugh. According to her weekly show update, she will have a show about fakes this coming Friday. See whatb she is going to do w a Gucci :crybaby:

    Friday, September 14th
    "How to Spot a Fake"

    Does buying a real designer product make a difference, when you can always get a cheap knockoff? Tyra takes a look inside the counterfeit business, examining the difference between what's real and what's not, from purses and diamonds to clothes and even hair! Tyra talks with a handbag expert and learns what separates the real Gucci and Coach purses from the purses sold on the street - even cutting up a $1,300 Gucci bag to demonstrate her point. The handbag expert also tells the audience the laws behind the selling and buying of knockoffs that can prevent you from getting arrested.
  2. Sounds very interesting....im definitely gonna watch!!!
  3. Tyra spoke about fakes another time and said that she was totally against them. So she is trying to do a good thing, as for the gucci, its probably the handle or something that can be repaired easily (I would hope). even if it was hideous i could never purposely damage something worth that much
  4. Sounds interesting, too bad I won't be able to watch it.
  5. Oh cool.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely watch. I always like to be reminded why it is that I am willing to part with so much money on a regular basis for the real thing.
  7. Sounds interesting!!
    Too bad I can't watch it... Maybe later
  8. ow I wanna see this! it's going to be painfull, poor real gucci-bag:crybaby:!

    I think I'll have to wait untill it's on the website, cause we don't have her show here on tv.
  9. Don't be sad leslie.... :sad: 1 Gucci is being martyred so that many more Gucci's can live a better life. :yes:
  10. I will for sure tivo this and watch it!! HOllaa!!
  11. Someone must youtube this!
  12. Thanks for the heads up I will definately watch, it's interesting she said she's against fakes when she's been spotted with a fake balenciaga weekender bag!
  13. hehe, you're right! it's for the greater good! I must keep this in mind:amuse:!
  14. YES please! :yes::yes::yes:
  15. Exactly! I myself thought, don't cut up the Gucci, I'll have it! But yes it is for the greater good... hehe... :graucho: