Tyra Banks talks with women who have had botched beauty treatments

  1. I don't normally watch The Tyra Banks Show, but I was fascinated by the topic. There was an article about this exact same thing in an issue of British Cosmo.

    Women who go to Tijuana to have plastic surgery because of the reduced prices. The surgery will most likely be botched, they'll be scarred for life, and there's no way to get legal recourse.

    These poor women! They're that disgusted with a part of themselves so much so that they'll go to Tijuana and risk their lives. They get the surgery done, the surgery is somehow botched and they end up being scarred for life. Now they feel even worse!

    By paying discout prices for surgery, these women are literally putting their asses on the line. There's a reason procedures cost that much.

    They could find plastic surgeons that do pro bono work. (A certain plastic surgeon on a certain E! show routinely does pro bono work based on letters written to him by hopeful patients.)
  2. I saw this show today too and found it really sad. I say try diet, exercise, a new haircut, new makeup, and new outfit first. If you still are in a funk, then do some homework on the surgery you want and then decide what you want to do. Too many lovely people out there are getting unnecessary surgery done to them--sometimes with ugly botched results!
  3. Oh I have seen programmes here about botched surgery it is so sad!
  4. Oh, I missed it! They seem to be so popular in certain areas of the US (east/ west coast). There should be more regulation and more rigorous training or certification for doctors.
  5. I just don't understand why someone wouldn't just ask their general practitioner / gynecologist if they could recommend someone.

    That's how I found my plastic surgeon. He did a wonderful job two years ago, and I'm still so pleased with the results.
  6. Any good doctor worth anything will say, "No, you are getting this surgery done for the wrong reasons, and I cannot in good conscience operate on you."
  7. ^ yes. i agree. I had my moles removed at a plastic surgeon in Singapore, and it healed so well! Now, it's nothing more than just a teeny little red dot. I could see some women storming out of the room 'cos the doctor couldnt figure what was wrong with their faces. That said, there are loads of plastic surgeons who work just for money- which is sad, but rare.
  8. When one of my friends had her boobs done, the surgeon wouldn't give her anything bigger than a B-cup, because of her tiny frame. I've seen women with gigantic breasts that looks absolutely horrifying, and I wonder what the hell their surgeons were thinking. My friend's new breasts looks wonderful, and natural. Her boyfriend didn't even realize she had implants even after touching them. lol! :p (men, they really don't know anything, do they? lol:p)
  9. damn i had pilates class at 530 so i missed it...i usually watch tyra while i'm at the gym. hopefully they'll repeat it later tonight on the oxygen channel
  10. The sad thing is, those doctors are thinking about money. Who cares if the implants are so big, the poor woman will have back problems? Who cares if they look like two cantaloupes stuck on her chest and they don't look like realistic breasts?

    As long as they have the money to pay, nothing else matters!
  11. I remember posting this game in the Health and Fitness section in August.
    Some are obviously real, some are obviously fake, and some had really good plastic surgeons.


    Real Or Fake Test at Kontraband
  12. I think it dangerous to go for cheaper alternatives and risk being scarred for life. Better still, find confidence in other positive areas of their lives.
  13. Okay. I just took this test and scored 100%

    Should I be freaked out? Hee-hee! I've just got a good eye (and ALL the fake ones just LOOKED so fake! You can see the entire implant! Yuck!:sick:) Not a one of 'em were more attractive than the REAL deal! The proportions and symetry are what make 'em look so nice! The fakes just mess that all up!
  14. Surgery is NOT something you want to pinch your pennies on!
  15. ^^seriously. My mom's friend went to Taiwan and had botox and collagen put into her forhead and it looks not so good. She said it was cheap. It made her eyelids kinda droopy and her forehead bulged out. Surgery is definently something to pay the premium.