Tyra Banks talks about the Moonlite Bunny Ranch

  1. We get it, Tyra. You don't approve of what the women are doing.

    The show is just starting, and I'm not liking the way it sounds. It sounds one sided. Of course, I'm biased because I used to watch HBO's Cathouse.
    Again, I don't watch Tyra, but I was interested in how the show portrays the ranch.

    She makes it sound like girls working at the ranch (a legalized brothel) is exactly the same thing as working the streets.

    It's not. It's safer. Condoms are mandatory. They get frequent health checks. They refuse service if a customer doesn't look like he's clean. (They also clean themselves before anything even happens.)

    The girls can charge whatever they want for whatever they want, and they are able to keep half of their money - the other half goes to the house. Then there are things like room and board. (Unlike girls on the streets with pimps who take large percentages of the girls' pay.)

    They can choose who they want to party with, they have the right to refuse a client. They don't have to do anything they don't want to do (and they don't have to pay the money back to the house).

    Granted, a prostitute isn't the most ideal career for a girl, and it shouldn't be something she should strive for, but if she is a prostitute, working in a legalized brothel is the most ideal situation.
  2. To add: Every room has a panic button.
  3. I agree with you but the thought of anyone having to prostitute themselves makes me shudder!
  4. I totally agree.

    Of course no little girl should say, "I want to work at the Bunny Ranch when I grow up!"

    But if they find themselves in the situation where they have to sell their bodies for money, a legalized brothel would be the most ideal situation.
  5. I agree. A legalized brothel would actually be better for a society than girls working (and dying) on the streets.

    It would also be cheaper than constantly setting up sting operations, arresting, booking and housing girls and their Johns in jail.

    Its the oldest profession in the world and will never end so the local governing authority should legalize it and tax it.
  6. Dr. Keith Ablow did a similar show on the Bunny Ranch.
    Here is a show recap - Inside the Bunny Ranch
    "Dr. Keith then talked to owner Dennis Hof, who admitted that the "downside" of the business for the girls was that their money increased so much, so quickly that they needed to have an exit strategy. At some point, he said, all of the women would either fall in love or want to get out of the business, but they wouldn't want to go back to what they did before. If they stayed focused and really looked at it as a business, though, they could "make enough money to never have to work again" after just a few years."
  7. Uh Caitlin, you know entirely to much about this! LOL LOL
  8. wow so i'm not the only person that watches this show, lol.
  9. I think I spy a new career idea for me.. :graucho: ;)
  10. I missed it ;(
  11. I didn't see this show. I might ever be impressed by Tyra's opinion on things if she wasn't such a hypercrite! She was a model for many years showing off her body and I bet more than one pleasured themselves to her pictures! I know its not the same thing as prostition, but she gets on my nerves with her above everything attitude she now has. She should be seen and not heard. She compares herself to Oprah now!

    IMO Prostitution should be legalized. Nobody should tell a woman what she can do with her body, not even Tyra. Like stated earlier, it is legal where they have the Bunny Ranch. Those women get test for diseases once a month. They have to use condoms also. In a way it is safer if someone uses their services than if they met someone in a bar for a one night stand. If men could make as much money as women being prostitutes, I bet it would be legal.