Tyra Banks fashion on her talk show.

  1. What do you think of Tyra's outfits on her talk show. I think she needs to fire her stylist, and have you notice her butt is getting huge.
  2. Have not see it! But now I am dying to see some pics!
  3. I haven't noticed her putting on anymore weight since last season of ANTM. Maybe someone can prove it with pictures?

    She's no longer a model why should she stay thin?
  4. I think she is trying to hard...too ghetto at times.
  5. I feel the same way---she does tend to get very ghetto....she ain't no oprah!!
  6. She is getting thick, smart woman making a ton of $$$$!
  7. I think she's gotten thicker. You know she's still pretty and yep she's making money. This goes to show that you don't have to be stick thin to make money or to make it in hollywood.
  8. I don't know about her weight, but her show always revolves around the same topic: TYRA! :censor:
  9. Yeah...that's true!! People will get sick of it soon...lets see how long the show lasts. Her topics & interviewing skills are quite lackluster. Comments?
  10. she always said she loved to eat
  11. She has a knack for making it all about her regardless of the topic. For example:

    Guest: I was walking to my car after work, when a man grabbed me from behind, dragged me into the bushes, and raped me.

    Tyra: Oh my god! There was this one time I was at a club, and this drunk guy tripped and his hand brushed up against my boob! I felt so violated!

    Guest: (Looking completely taken back.) I don't think that really compares to what happened to me...

    Tyra: And then after he got his bearings, he looked at me and was like, "Hey, baby! I like your clothes! They would look even better on my bedroom floor!" I swear I felt so dirty. I just wanted to go home and take a shower...blah blah blah blah...me me me me...

    Guest: I should've gone on Oprah...

    Well, okay, maybe that's not exactly how she does it, but it's pretty close. :roflmfao:
  12. I'm actually surprised the show has lasted. I was just telling someone that she has gotten some good guest. I think she should stick to ANTM.
  13. I can tell....

    In thew show , I wished she focused on someone else for once....
  14. I do have to say, I did like the episode with the Male Model search. YUM!!!
  15. oh I have some major issues with the tyra show- and only because i really do like tyra and want to see her succeed!

    here are my qualms or rather suggestions to make the show more audience friendly/interesting:

    don't have such gross negative topics. in one week I saw an episode on disgusting germs on your mascara and toothbrush and then the next time I tuned in it was on phobias and fear. too much negative energy for an entire hour. it gets wayy too heavy and let's face it, your a new host, you need to captivate an audience, not fear-factor it.

    - how MANY episodes can she do on her show that has castmembers from ANTM?? that is OLD and played out. I have seen dozens of shows with all these girls and WHO CARES????

    - her stylist needs to be FIRED. I think tyra has a beautiful body and a fabulous figure and now that she isn't modeling, she certainly doesn't have to be waif thin...but lord have mercy - STOP wearing waist cinchers and corsets on a show where you are going to be sitting down the majority of the time and it looks like you are going to bend in half and burst out. OHHH and one time she had the NERVE to do a show on how to dress to make you look slimmer - and she had on a corset BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!! umm, hello, stylist???

    - she needs to fire her MAU because she/or he is making her look like a ghetto rupaul with her horrible stagemakeup facial lines and dry laceup weaves. come on now..you are TYRA BANKS...time to get back to your pedistal and let go of the people who are aiding in making your image ghetto and drag-queenish.

    ok im done with my rant. lol. did I mention that I love tyra banks? xoxo