Tyra And Nicole

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    Tyra Banks and Nicole Richie hit two of the hottest and most photographed locales in LA Wednesday: The Ivy and hot shopping spot Kitson. They also hit the not-so-hot 99 Cent Store in Hollywood- and surprisingly, attracted a gaggle of photogs there too.
    So are Tyra and Nicole suddenly BFF? And what's the deal? Can you really mix and match the 99 Cent Store with Kitson? Never fear- TMZ has cracked this case. The two were shooting a segment for the second season premiere episode.
  2. im goin off nicolre

    she looks so thin again- and tyra annoys me
  3. Tyra looks good!!
  4. I am kind of getting sick of Tyra...her talk show is sooooo bad!
  5. I tried to watch the Tyra show a few times but she seemed so insincere....
  6. wow. I thought Tyra was sweet but in fact, she seemed to ignore people when they tried to get or talk with Tyra and Nicole. They are acting like *****in snob.. have you noticed it? try watch it again. oh, yes, this one fat girl asked them for their autograph and they dont even talk to a fat girl?! Was Tyra sweet or fake??
  7. Definitely not a Tyra fan.
  8. hmmm... the funny thing was when Nicole left and Tyra gave her a big hug while a fat girl tried to talk w/ tyra or probably asked her for an autograph. Tyra wasn't listening or givin her an autograph. hmmm.. do you think that tyra is really rude or just hypocrite?
  9. tyra thinks she's so helpful and she thinks she's been through it all and can relate to everyone. she's so boring and fake.
  10. I am starting to think that Tyra is not sooooo nice.