Typically, how long do the Epi colours last?

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  1. I want to get the ivoire Passy but I'm getting quite worried that the ivoire colour won't last until I finally get it late summer and I'm considering bumping it to the top of the list, after the Love 2 tote since the Beverly MM is permanent and the Aurelia/Eliza will most likely be around until at least Christmas...

    How long did Myrtille and Cannelle last (is Cannelle discontinued?)

    When the purple Epi gets released, is this pretty much a clue that the ivoire will be discontinued soon?

    I will definitely cry if I can't get an ivoire Passy simply because I didn't get it sooner...so please help!
  2. light bump before I go to bed, g'night everybody!
  3. Isn't it six months...? Not sure...
  4. Well usually the Vernis are about 6 months...but sometimes longer!
    I honestly don't know Karman....but even if they are discontinued, you can usually find one around.
    I would say go in this order:
    LVOE2 (since we know these are definetly limited), passy, Aurelia, Beverly!
  5. I don't think Cannelle is discontinued yet. BTW, is the black Cougar still on your list? I wasn't a fan before, but then I tried it on and it makes a nice shoulder tote!
  6. I think the Epi colors stick around for about a year or so. Sometimes a little shorter, and in the case of blacks and reds, much longer.

    The canelle is not discontinued yet, but that was for fall last year, so I'll bet by this fall they will not continue to make it and come out with something else, kwim?

    Usually, you can call 800 LV and find some items still around but in the case of the Ivoire it was so popular that I don't think they are that abundant. You maybe should get it while you can.
  7. Okay, thanks guys, I emailed them last night and got a response:

    "In regards to your questions; the Epi Ivoire is a new permanent color as
    is the color Canelle. Also, there is not new color that will be
    presented in the Epi collection. Please note that the new color that
    will be introduced is in the Vernis collection and is called Amarante."

    So I think I SHOULD be okay. Twiggers, your bag order is close to mine, right now it's Love 2, Passy, Beverly, Aurelia/Eliza. I think I'm holding the most expensive one (Aurelia) until the last...if it's Eliza, then, oh well.
  8. No, it's not unfortunately.
    It's a tad too casual and I no longer carry casual looking bags because when I'm dressed casual I'm at school, however, this bag isn't suitable for school because I weighed my all of textbooks before and it reached a ridiculous 25 pounds + and I don't want to put that much weight on a $900+ bag.
  9. ^ im dying for a myrtille epi passy for work. too bad they didn't make it! or a toledo blue!
  10. What about all the talk of purple epi?! :wtf:
  11. get it before its too late, you don't want to regreat ;)
  12. So what do you carry to school?
  13. Karman~ I would do what you feel is best. If one is seasonal, then that should be your top priority. It does seem as though the EPI line lasts a year before being moved out:tup:
  14. A $30 backpack...in Engineering that seems to be the predominant school bag. No surprise, either, since it's the most convenient and durable.

    Keep in mind that I bring at least 2-3 textbooks to school everyday. I can't survive through the day with just a notebook and a pen, like many college/university students bring to school, and I have up to 6 classes a day.
  15. ^^So purple epi is coming out?