Typical UK wet bank holiday, so what do I go and do....

  1. .....of course, I go shopping!!! :wlae: :wlae:

    And acquired myself a lovely SS06 Cognac Makeup (which I'm going to use as a clutch).

    The leather is soooooo soft and smoushy.

    And if anyone wants one Harvey Nichols in Leeds had about 3 more in the same colour.



    It was quite funny.....I asked what colour it was, expecting him to say truffle, cognac, marron etc, but instead got 'brown'. No sh*t lightning!! :nogood:
  2. CONGRATS! Super cute!
  3. What a great way to spend a rainy bank-holiday. Congrats! Very nice colour! It´s a rainy bank holiday in Germany too today. The problem is, we can´t go shopping because stores are closed :sad::sad:
  4. Hello!! I'm a fellow Brit too (in NY now).

    I love the clutch!! I have to say that style is growing on me. Why did you have to get the clueless sa that said its 'brown' lol!!
  5. Hi Fred&Ginger! Isn't the weather here bleak! :push:
    At least you had an excuse to go shopping though eh! Love the Make-Up style and love Cognac SS06 :heart:

    Congrats! :yahoo:
  6. congrats on your purchase!!! :biggrin:
  7. Totally clueless!! Thanks Karenab.

    There is no other way to spend such a grim day, Pelli, and I would have been lost if the shops had been shut. :tdown:

    Thanks MRG, she is super cute!!
  8. Thanks Balchfen. The weathers been terrible, not that I need an excuse to go shopping!!:yahoo:

    When I asked the SA about the colour, I was pretty convinced it was cognac after seeing your cognac first, but was surprised that they had older stock!!

    Thanks Phylao.:tup:
  9. Yummie, she is so adorable...:yahoo:CONGRATS!
    I got myself an Ink coin purse :love: Don't we just love the holidays...
  10. That is luscious!

  11. WOW...where did you find your Ink?
  12. What yummy gorgeous leather!!! I love this!!!! :heart:
  13. :heart:Me too, thanks Debsmiths

    Thanks Murphy

    And congrats MissM on your bank holiday purchase too!!:tup:
  14. Look at that yummy leather.:drool: I still like the Caramel color a lot. :tup:Congrats:yahoo: it is very cute.:yes:
  15. Yummilicious...thanks Nanaz