Types of yellow

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  1. Hi
    I dont know if these have been discussed before but i dont seem to find a threat about this
    Does anyone know how many yellow in balenciaga city/ mini city?
    Im thinking to get jaune balen on the 2nd market maybe pousin/ moutard/ citron or else but seems to confuse about the color choices since im not familiar in balenciaga yet
    If anyone having photos to compare that will be great
  2. And also pro and cons for each types of leather and color that easily to get dirt etc
  3. Hi mimikins
    Thanks for this threat but unfortunately the threat doesnt carry so much swatches that i really wanted. Its pretty limited when you look at it.
    Okay so lets break down to only 3 yellow colors that available in the resellers nearby
    Jaune poussin, jaune citronade and jaune moutarde
    Which one do you think is the best in terms of the brightness and most durable( not easily to get dirt/color fade etc)
    My wardrobe is very colorful and can match with 3 of them
    Im just concern about the durability because i like to have that for longer period without worrying about maintenance
  4. Well, 1st of all, i think you need to be realistic. We all know that Bal's handles are "famous" for darkening, even the dark colors will get darker, what's more you are asking about yellow color.

    If you want to have it for a long time, you will sure need to baby it, use twilly on the handles, protect it under rain or sun, or worst to worst, use it once in a blue moon. I do own a Jaune Poussin Mini Pompon which looks like brand new even after 2 years! Not because the color is more durable, but i simply scared to use it!

    Thus, if you really keen in yellow or any light colored bags, you need to be mentally prepared that it will get dirty easily & you need to baby it ;)
  5. +1. There is no such thing as a low maintenance yellow Balenciaga. If low maintenance is a requirement get black or gray and admire yellow from a distance!
  6. So means that i have to get another color for this bag...😭 Ive been eyeing the yellow balen bag for quite some time but havent got a chance to get it since i always got another bags from other brand.I think its time to get it since i got the allowance , but now after all the saying have to rethink again to get yellow color. Sigh🤔😔
  7. I think the newer Bals (after 2012, like Mangue, Curry, Turnesol, etc.) may be easier to maintain due to the coating. I have a Curry City but I have only used it once so can't comment on the durability.
  8. All hope is not lost.... If you are only going to use your yellow bag occasionally and you carry using the strap instead of the handles AND you are very careful where and how you set it down, then you can extend the life of your yellow Bal as a clean looking bag. Catash is right I think that the later yellows have a thicker coating that helps a lot with color transfer from denim, etc, but that still won't prevent dark handles, stitching or corners from being handled, set down and picked up. Sorry, yellow is a tough color, but Peacebabe is very smart to say have realistic expectations. Yellow Bals really are gorgeous to look at when they are clean -- so saturated, vibrant and happy.
  9. Hahahaha ..... i LOVE what you said !!! To summarize it, it simply mean "Always put yourself before the yellow bag. Make sure you are the one who catch the spills, rain, scratches, dirt, stains, etc instead of it. In short, be a human shield??"

    It's a sad fact, but true. Im always extra paranoid when im carrying my Jaune Poussin :P

  10. I have a second hand mini city in jaune poussin. In terms of the color, it's bright with a strong green undertone. i actually think that it looks more green than yellow. It's almost like pistachio green with yellow mixed in. I love the color but if you're looking for a true yellow, jaunt poussin is not it.
  11. Im eyeing on jaune citronne mini city ghw at one of the reseller here. In terms of price theyre having a good deal and the bag still excellent. Any comments about this color?
  12. Bahahaha. I guess you're right! A much better way of putting it! I flirted with yellow for a long time... I wanted a Curry bag so badly but never pulled the trigger because when I saw them on resale market any that were used at all looked pretty dirty and I thought..... how many uses before it looked like that? Because so many of the bags looked almost brand new structurally, but the corners and handles were already dark or dirty. It would have given me massive anxiety so I pulled the plug on my curry (and yellow) ambitions and rerouted them to dark colors that won't stress me out. My sanity pretty much dictates that I am destined to be a dark Bal gal.

  13. I think if you love yellow...go for yellow! I have a two old school yellow bags and they are about 10-12 years old and don't show a single sign of wear on them [emoji6] Do I baby them a little more than the darker shades? Sure. But I keep them in rotation and use them when it's a beautiful day out, I don't carry them by the handles when I can help it and make sure never to put the handles on bare skin or skin with lotion as it darkens them quickly. Knowing how to avoid darkening those easy to darken areas has kept them in pretty spectacular condition. Yellow is such a happy, bright color that of course needs a little extra TLC, but by no means should be scrapped off your list! Also, the later years that come in a Mini City are coated with protectant and sealant so you most likely won't have as many issues as the 2004 bags that I have would suffer from ;)

    I say throw caution to the wind and enjoy the color you desire! That's what Balenciaga has always been about! Their bright and fun colors that no other brand had back in the day and their light-as-a-feather leather is what they became famous for! Of course you can go for a black or grey bal, but if your heart is with yellow, go for yellow!! I don't think you'll really enjoy the bag you buy just because it "lasts" longer...if it's not in the color you originally wanted and once the color is gone, it's gone. Then you have to hunt to find it in perfect condition (I know a little something about that ;) lol

    So, whichever you choose to go with, yellow or dark...I'm sure you'll enjoy your Bal! Bals are pretty addicting so I will bet you'll be buying another shortly and then you can baby one (the yellow) and have a basher bag that's in a darker color :smile: I will say that the colors I carry the absolute LEAST are neutral! I love their reds, blues, greens, purples, pinks and of course, the yellows and you're supposed to enjoy what you carry so if you feel that you'll be too worried or anxious carrying light colors then just go for a darker shade, but I say have fun with Balenciaga, be cautious of your bag, but don't let it keep you from buying the one you want! I adore my yellows! :smile:

    P.S. Keep searching for old TPF threads on yellow Balenciaga bags as there should be a ton of info and I know I've read a lot of info!
  14. Hi guyss
    Sorry for the late reply
    I finally got my guts to take that yellow balenciaga mini city bag. It is jaune citrone. The color was very light compare to the other jaune. Feels so helpless when i received it. Scared to take her out, so finally i got her to get extra coating on the colorwash nearby. Hopefully i wont be scared to take her out when i received it back
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