Types of leather on Givenchy bags?

  1. BG is usually not good at describing their G bags imo. they dont even use the designer's description. anyways, the bag you're looking at should be the smooth lambskin.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Just went to check out the nightingale in the boutique. The lamb skin is definitely to die for. Totally fell in love with it. Now thinking to get one. :smile:
  4. Hi, can anyone tell me whether is goat skin same as calf skin? There are different terminology ed used on websites and I'm confused. I came across sheepskin too. Is that same lambskin ? Thanks
  5. pls read first page of this thread.
  6. my medium goat skin nightingale slouches well without having to worry about it being sensitive to scratches...thanks to its texture....hope this helps


  7. Ok thanks. I came across a description which has the gold logos on lamb skin but read from here is not possible. Has anyone have a lamb skin with the gold logos?
  8. Just dropped by givenchy retail and the SA told me nightingale in calf is very delicate too and easy to get scratched! I was shock to hear it as I was always told calf is very durable, maybe slightly heavy only. The SA said goatskin is the best and durable. Besides, calf nightingale is cheapest among lambskin and goat skin, however HGbags sells calf nightingale the most expensive. Anyone has any clue? The calf that I mention is smooth calf with embossed logo. Thanks.
  9. I have just received my goatskin nightingale and I agree, it is very light. I was pleasantly surprised about the weight. However I am finding the leather a little stiffer than I had expected. How is yours wearing in? Has it softened much? I'd love to hear some more about how the grainy leather is wearing.
  10. What a beautiful bag! I love the combination of colour, texture and hardware, it's stunning.

    How long did it take for the goat leather to start slouching so nicely? I am finding mine rather stiff and am wondering whether I should exchange it for the calf skin version for more softness and slouch. :thinking:


  11. Hey "D" glad to see you here! :graucho:
    I am leaning towards towards the Givenchy side too haha.
    I was eyeballing Eria's medium black Nightingale but I was too late and it was gone by the time I had made my decision! How do you like your Nightingale? Now tha tI am finding out more about the leather differences, I am not even sure which one I should be looking for?
  12. Hi Kiwi. I am still getting used to it a little. The style is cool but the leather a little different from what I expected. It's quite stiff at this point but it does feel very resilient and will no doubt soften as it breaks in. With the nightingale, it's not just the colour and leather, it's about the hardware too. One reason this one appealed to me was the silver toned hardware.

    Which medium were you looking at? Was it the smooth calf one?
  13. Yes the one on Erica's site is the smooth calf leather! I have never seen or touched a Givenchy in real life myself so I probably need to do more research before I can set my mind onto one :p
  14. I just received my goatskin nightingale too. Although it slouches not as soft as lamb, but I adore it too. I had a calf nightingale but just sold it. It's smooth but slightly heavier than goat. I feel that goat is more durable, and it will get soften with use :smile: