Types of leather on Givenchy bags?

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    hi ladies, some of you might notice that I recently posted some questions about nightingales since I'm definitely a newbie here in the Givenchy thread. I just bought my very first Givenchy bag the other day and fell in love with it since. I think it's my favorite bag now lol

    I think I've been caught by the givenchy bug and want to get another nightingale soon. but while i was going through the other threads here, I got confused as to how many leather types givenchy uses, specifically in nightingales? I thought leathers on all nightingales are the same every season just like Bal's motorcycle bags (agneau leather).

    TIA :love:
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    Congrats on your new baby! You must share pics of her.

    Givenchy is not like Bal which uses primarily agneau/lamb (though the leather on the specials they introduced this xmas are made from chevre/goatskin, I believe.)

    Anyway, from what I know, nightingales mostly come in lambskin and calfskin. I believe someone (Reresaurus or Randr21) bought an antigona that was made from buffalo leather, but I have not noticed that leather for nightingales. If anyone else has, hopefully they'll let you know.

    Disco once shared that the calfskin nightingales have the metal hardware on the handles while lambskin nightingales simply have the GG logo embossed on them.

    That's what I know and I hope it helps. Merry Christmas!

    Edited to Add: Just read another thread, apparently nightingales also come in sheepskin.
  3. here are my general observations of the different nightingale leathers (based on collections from 2005 and up to and including S/S 2012):

    calf - smooth with slight sheen, gets buttery soft with use; not prone to scratches and relatively lightweight

    lamb - smooth and matte, very soft to begin with; more prone to scratches and seems the most lightweight to me out of them all

    sheep - textured, can be matte or with sheen; not prone to scratches and relatively lightweight

    patent - soft and flexible, hardy leather

    buffalo - not 100% of the ringed nightingale is also buffalo like its sibling the ringed antigona, but the textures are very similar. if so, this leather is definitely heavier, smooth with natural wrinkling.

    goat - smooth, new leather...need more info before updating

    python - new, exotic

    printed canvas - new
  4. update to above:

    goat - smooth still, but not as soft as the lamb; on the matte side, and quite sturdy feeling.

    may be my new go to leather!
  5. thank you Aluxe & randr21, for chiming in! :smile: I'm so inlove with nightingales I think I just found my new favorite bag :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  6. I totally agree!! I think it's the perfect medium between lambskin and the pebbled leather. You get the best of both worlds.

    However, this poses a huge dilemma for me! I recently purchased a medium black lambskin nightingale for a fabulous price (thx for authenticating) however, I have been eyeing the goatskin w/silver hardware (zippers and logo) medium nightingale. I know the goatskin will be more durable which is important for an every day bag. But is it worth an extra $700? What are your thoughts on the silver hardware?
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    My first nightingale... I'm falling in love with the soft leather!! Quite roomy, too!! :smile: I believe that mine which has the G logo stamped on the handles are made of lambskin while those with metal logo are made of calfskin.. :biggrin:

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  8. Isn't it so amazing?! I'm still in love with mine but I'm not carrying it because I am having a love affair with my ps1 at the moment. But I literally carried it from Nov (when I got it) to last week, NONSTOP!
  9. Shoegal, I'll be wearing this until June.. By then this baby will be taken away by my daughter!! :sad: I have long wanted a PS1 but I already have 2 Alexas, both with my daughters already... Hahaha!! I love satchels but I don't think I'm young enough to carry them? :smile:

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  10. I like silver hw depending on color of leather. R u thinking of the goat skin in black as well? If so, I wouldn't get 2 black nightingales unless all u wear is blk
  11. i have 3 black 'gales and do wear all of them.
    newest is f/w '11-12 from paris shop . limited edition gun metal hardware with black sheep leather. wears great!!! but so does the calf leather and also my distressed black patent leather.
  12. I have the Large Pandora Black in goatskin with silver hardware. The silver hardware adds a subtle casual chic look to the bag. Plus, I've banged or rubbed it against walls by accident and it hasn't left a scratch. The silver really goes hand in hand with the black leather :smile:
  13. goat - smooth, soft yet very sturdy. Despite being bumped into, my bag still doesn't show any scratches! :smile:
  14. This thread is great! Thanks for all the wonderful information. I'm in the market for my first nightingale and I couldn't figure out the differences in prices for bags the same color and size but now I get it, different types of leather. Thanks!!!

  15. Oh no, I wouldn't get both in black. I was contemplating exchanging the lambskin for the black goatskin, but since I bought the lambskin on sale I would have to pay a lot more for the goatskin. I think for now I will keep the lambskin. I'm just so excited to finally own the nightingale! I've been wanting one for years!