Types of hardware

  1. Besides gold, palladium and ruthenium, are there any other sorts of hardware (not counting the bling bling croc ones) that are unusual? So far, I've seen a brushed palladium hw on eBay. Yummy!
  2. Brushed gold, solid brass, and guilloche.
  3. Brushed gold would be stunning!!

    What's guilloche?
  4. Guilloche is like a waffle weave pattern. It came in to use during the 70's and occasionally pops up on eBay.

  5. ohhhhhhh ..... i think I may have seen one online somewhere ... maybe ebay?

    Thanks for the explanations!
  6. HG, you're amazing with Hermes knowledge. :tup:

    How long have you been an Hermes fan? I want to be like you.
  7. Guilloche sounds super interesting...

    does anyone have a pic?
  8. ^ Here's a pic of guilloche on a kelly double tour bracelet.[​IMG]

    double tour.jpg
  9. I just bought an Evelyne,and it has a hardware that is a mix of silver and gold.
    I just read in another thread that this is called permabrass.
    I love it.
  10. Interesting! Do you have any photos?
  11. I will take some photos later,after the camera is charged.
    I don't have a great camera for close ups but will do my best.
    This is the closest one so far;I sent it to Maggiemoo to show her that you can use a scarf as a strap.
    I hate the canvas strap on the Evelyne.
  12. Here are a few photos to show the different hardware. The strap is from my Evelyne.
    different hardware1.JPG different hardware2.JPG different hardware3.JPG
  13. thanks for all the gorgeous pics! I love the different types of hardware.

    thanks for the knowledge too...all this while my limited H brain thought that there was only the standard 3 hardware available
  14. oh I forgot to ask.. do they put Guilloche hardware on bags? specifically birkins?
  15. It can pop up once in a while, but I wouldn't hold my breath. If it's something you really want, SO it.