Types of Hardware Reference Thread

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  1. I thought I would post this to have a consolidated list.

    For hardware you can get:

    brush palladium

    and what else?

    Also, can we get pics? esp of the more rare like brushed gold, ruthenium, etc.

  2. I think once upon a time there was brass.
  3. What is it the gilloche? I am spelling it wrong, the one with the diamond design..
  4. Good thread, GG.

    Also, someone had mentioned there being a kind of pinkish/rose gold...is that ruthenium or something else?
  5. Here's a comparison pic of ruthenium and palladium that I took before to show someone else the difference.

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    brass is back. it's on the 40 HAC I tried. not for me. it looked cheap.

    feel free to delete the cheap comment if this is to be a part of the reference page. lol
  7. Isen't most of it really plated brass?

    Then there is diamond and the solid gold hardwares. I didn't know Guilloché excisted for hardware, must be really beautiful, especially with enamel, if it was ever made. :heart:
  8. Guilloche is a type of enamel ...

  9. Kellybag posted in 'Hermes informative catalog' after GH, PH, RH, guilloche is a hardware made of palladium with a diamond cut pattern. Very rare. Post #2 I know there is at least one pic here.
  10. I think the rose colored hardware is called perma brass?? Haven't seen it, though.
  11. Brass hardware is often used on the travel and mens bags. Often the SAs believe it is gold, but upon closer inspection one can tell it is brass. I love brass hardware as it develops a great patina, especially on natural leathers like Vache Naturel and Barenia.
  12. Guilloche at Hermes means the criss cross diamond pattern. It is often on the H belt buckles and on some Birkin/Kelly hardware. It has a bit of bling.
  13. guilloche, strille (belt buckles), and yes, older bags had brass.
  14. Can anyone confirm that Ruthenium is no longer offered by Paris? I have been told since 3 season ago that it's discontinued. Just want to hear if others have the same info.
  15. I have ruthenium from Fall 2007.