Types of Coach Leather

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  1. So I am new to Coach, and I see a lot of types of leather mentioned - Madison, Garcia, Vancetta, etc. I don't know what they mean or if different types need to be taken care of differently.

    Any insight into these types of leathers, especially from owners of Coach purses in that leather variety, would be useful.

    Any answers about:
    Leather weight, texture, appearance, care, cost/value/rarity
    Coach items and what type of leather they are made from. Durability of these items.

    Thank You!
  2. That's a big question. :shocked:
  3. I was reading the Wikipedia section, "The Ancient methods of tanning," and laughed my head off. It's so disgusting. :yucky:

    I hope Coach does not employ any of those methods to make the bags we've come to enjoy. :roflmfao: (If you're curious, I dare you to read that section!)
  4. Thanks, but I still have no clue how Garcia or Madison leathers compare. Though I did learn that "Vachetta leather is used in the trimmings of luggage and handbags, popularized by Louis Vuitton. The leather is left untreated and is therefore susceptible to water and stains. Sunlight will cause the natural leather to darken in shade, called a patina."

    Good to know for treatment and where to find it on the bags.
  5. Garcia leather has a sheen to it and I feel it's pretty durable. The Madison leather in my experience with the Magenta Sabrina tends to scratch easy although I've heard tpf'ers say their bags are not getting scratched. Depends on the piece and color of the leather, I guess...
  6. Hmmmm, I will try to answer this one. These are my definitions.....

    Legacy leather (from 2006-2007) is the most coveted.
    It is very thick and gorgeous. It is also very heavy and scratches easily....
    It has almost a 'waxy' quality to it.

    Garcia leather is thinner and has a glossy sheen to it.
    It is a much lighter weight and was used in the 2008 Legacy bags.
    It also scratches but not as bad as the original Legacy leather does.

    The Madison leather is lightweight and has a sheen but also has been known to have a somewhat rough texture to it as well as a slight sparkle quality to it.
    That is what the Sabrinas and Juliannes are made out of.

    The vachetta leather is what I refer to as 'nekkid' leather.
    It is usually a flesh tone color and is very smooth.
    Coach doesnt make too many bags using this leather, but recently used it on the handles of the patent Leah totes.

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  7. I do notice the my one Garcia leather piece (Bridgit) is getting marked/rubbed up much more than my better quality, thick legacy leather - where the scratches can be rubbed out
  8. Thank you for the information! This is very interesting to me and I'm glad you were able to help answer my questions. :tup:

  9. Yeah, this is totally true! And the scratches are not removed as easily because usually the glaze is scratched off when it's a deeper scratch...no way to replace the glaze with Apple or the oil in your fingertips. Same with the Madison line, and I think that line scratches more easily. Also garcia is so thin that it's not wearing well at the corners or stress points over time. The older line definitely has better quality leather in terms of durability. Scratching, water marks, patina, etc...yes, a problem, as it is with any vegetable-tanned or natural vachetta leather.

  10. :roflmfao: LOL, yeah, I'm afraid I don't have time to answer this one!
  11. This is basically why i own all signature pieces. The scratching would drive me bonkers for sure.
  12. This is such a huge question! Just about every line has a different type of leather, and often the leather changes with the year as well, so I think your best bet is to search about particular leathers rather than ask a big blanket question. Bleecker leather? Patent care? Vachetta? Garcia leather? You will finds tons of info on the forum if you do a search for specific leathers. :yes: Good luck!