Type your screen name with your ELBOWS!

  1. Just like it says in the title.... how well can you do?

    Here's me:

    JNunke mnm;plo

    ..hehehehe.... :roflmfao:
  2. onjmgblkonhfder

    haha, atleast I got the 'mgbl'
  3. jAyh nw31`
  4. nauijghbytyuh m,asz nmopll;,olp

    woah!!!!! thats trippy
  5. derersikde
  6. cxhanwe.l ;pedrikmn cxesasaz

    haha that was difficult!
  7. mrellyu

  8. lol. Okay here goes

  9. ;xm,ksdxs nb vc,ll.za

    ...my elbow must be too fat...
  10. vaq,lkl,kyoippfreded

  11. lpvg dsiobbvgaq

    *HeHe* :biggrin:
  12. redorfe

    um. . .I have skinny elbows :shame:
  13. let's see what I type.


    that was hard, I have a small laptop.
  14. iuwe7ujm45
  15. losallohsn