Type a (Single) Word Without Looking at Your Keyboard.

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  1. This is very similar to "Type 5 Letters w/o Looking at your Keyboard," with the exception of trying to type an actual word instead of random letters.

    I'll start...

    complina (complain)

    I tried to type "complain" w/o looking at the keyboard. If you make a mistake, just type out the actual word you meant to type in parenthesis.
  2. rest (I can only type small words. LOL)
  3. frustar (frustrated) exactly how i feel when I realized I messed up. ha!
  4. grunfe (grunge)
  5. type
  6. pop
  7. Stop

    Sent from my iPad using PurseForum
  8. sad
  9. Eeesnd (errand) such a challenge on an iPad.

    Sent from my iPad using PurseForum
  10. they
  11. take
  12. swimming
  13. always
  14. happy
  15. hungry...hey, I got it right!! :smile: