Tylie Malibu

  1. Does anybody like Tylie Malibu bags? They maybe a little two years ago... But I think they are so pretty the deep colors of the suede and the studded distressed leather strap.:heart: What do all the bag Fashionista's think of them? Or is this bag only popular in Southern California?:girlsigh:
  2. Never heard of them, do you have any pics?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I posted a copied photo. I hope you all can see it?
  5. Nice, lovely colors
  6. I have one in navy blue. It looks much better IRL than in the photo. Love the deep colors of the suede. I'd like to get another one, but haven't decided what color to get.:shame:
  7. I love Tylie Malibu. Their leather is of good quality and I love the decors they put on the straps.
  8. I have dark brown suede - I love it, but do not carry it often...weird.
  9. I love the vibrant colors, but I'm not a big fan of suede. Do they come in other leathers?
  10. I have one in an all distressed neutral leather. It's a great everyday bag to wear with very casual clothing, although it does hang a little awkardly.
  11. I like the "bling" on the strap!
  12. how big is a tylie malibu? is it big enough to fit a 15 inch laptop?
  13. They are different. I like them. There are a few styles on sale at electricladyland.com
  14. I had the utility bag in turquoise suede and blue suede. I ended up selling the turquoise because of how dirty it would get so quickly...

    I :heart: Tylie Malibu bags though, I still have the blue suede and I want to get the utility bag in leather, so it won't get dirty so quickly. Tylie bags are some of the most functional bags I have ever owned - the pockets on the outside were great for pens, sunglasses, keys, etc.

    Also, I think because of the jeweled strap, I received the most compliments when I carried this bag versus any of my others. I love that you don't see alot of people carrying them here too! ;) I live in the north.