Tylie Malibu

  1. Nordstrom in San Diego is having a HUGE Tylie Malibu personal appearance soon. They're taking pre-orders. For the normal price of the bag, you can get personalized stud work on the bag. I don't know all the details, but it's apparently a GREAT way to personalize your bag or for a special, unique gift.

    If anyone's a Tylie fan, this would be a great opportunity. I don't have any more details though. My SA mentioned it to me--I'm sure he has all the details. Call 619.295.4441 and ask for Joseph.
  2. My friend has a personalized Tylie Malibu and it is gorgeous. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Oh how cool. I saw a woman in Vegas with her name on it... I was wondering how she got that. Thank you!
  4. Tylie Lover Here! Thats All I Own Right Now!
  5. Can't own enough Tylie.. suede and leather.. LOVE EM!
  6. Sounds really great! I have a Tylie Apache in chocolate leather and it's one of my all time favorite bags--the leather is just amazing. Is the sale/promotion only for the personalized strap or are they doing any other promotions?