Tylie Malibu Skull bag

  1. Has anyone seen this bag in person???
  2. Cute bag
  3. Haven't seen it in person...
  4. OMG! that bag is PIMP! I need it. I can't tell what the dimensions are tough! I love it in White...
  5. It's a cheaper alternative to the Thomas Wylde skull bag ... I like it as well! Though it's cheaper to buy it at Electricladyland than Active Endeavors ... Electric is $805 vs AE is $912.
  6. Oh, they have the deerbag that I have been looking for! Thanks!
  7. i love the deerskin, but the skull will be dated real soon...alas, it is "another" trend...the bag would be great just as it is, no skull
  8. Oooo I love it in black. The leather looks great on it, too!
  9. i love the bag. but not sure how much longer the skull trend will last.
  10. eeeww... not for me. I don't like it at all.
  11. It comes with an anchor instead of a skull--just look on the electricladyland.com site
  12. hummm... I do love the skull thing, however, this skull bugs me. He just doesn't look that friendly to me!!! right?? Maybe the anchor...