Tylie Malibu Bags - Lovely or Ugly?

  1. What is the general feeling about Tylie Malibu suede utility purses? http://www.tyliemalibu.com/Scripts/collection.asp

    I bought one in teal, and the reaction from my boyfriend was something along the lines of "it looks like a five year old used a bedazzler on the strap." :p Keep in mind that my boyfriend claims to "hate purses" (and clothes and shoes)... but he does occasionally say positive things about the stuff I bring home. He likes my black Coach bag, for example.

    So, anyway, I'm having some doubts. Also, not sure what the teal will match with. I guess burgundy, black...?

    What do you girls think?
  2. I like some of the designs, but not all. I can understand your concern about matching your clothing with teal...I would have problems matching my clothes to them...maybe that is why I don't own a teal purse.
  3. I really think it depends on the bag itself and your style. I have the Apache flower in chocolate brown pebbled leather, and it is one of the most gorgeous and practical bags I own. I always get comments on it when I carry it, and the leather is soooo light.

    I think Tylie is like any designer; some bags are really gorgeous and some I don't care for...

    Your bf's opinion only matters if he's going to borrow it from you one day.:p
  4. I really like it!! It is such a pretty colour and will add a pop of colout to any neutral. It'll go with black, grey, brown, burgundy, white. Tell your bf that im think it's a lovely bag. Enjoy!!
  5. Tylie Malibu uses great leather, as TejasMama pointed out - I've had several (lambskin, deerskin) and they are so touchably soft and light. I've never bought a suede one so I don't have personal experience with that, but I've always liked the signature studded TM strap.
  6. Uhm, I would say the Zuma, or the Equestrian. I don't really have much of an opinion on the others. The color of the Zuma is nice.

    If you are doing neutrals, the bag will pop your outfit. I love Teal with grey, brown and a light khaki or camel.
  7. I just love Tylie. And, oddly, my bf's favorite is my black leather utility with the gray rhinestones... who knows, maybe HE will borrow it someday... ha!
  8. Not bad... Some Tylie Malibu styles are really nice. :yes: And they use nice leather too.
  9. How is the suede holding up? I'm thinking of getting one for a friend but am unsure about the suede. Thanks!!
  10. Their Pyramid bags look an awful lot like Lanvin's bags.
  11. i like some of them....but i love the belts!!!
  12. I like some of them. I think teal is a real stand out color. I have 3 teal bags and I don't worry about matching so much since teal matches jeans.