Tying knots in "Reissue 2.55's"??

  1. I've read in several threads and seen a few pics on how you can tie a knot to shorten the length of Classic Flaps. (see pic below)


    I was wondering if this is also possible to do with a reissue??:shrugs: Being it's just a chain. I mean, since their is no leather, is it possible to make a knot and have it stay. I can see how it would work with the classic flap w/ the leather interlaced in the chain there is some resistance for it to stay put...but what about the "reissue"???:confused1:

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can't tie a knot in the chain.
  3. Thx!!!!! Hmm, is there any tricks/tips that anyone uses to shorten the length of the chains?? Or is it even possible? (just wondering) I guess you could if you put your mind to it, to figure out a way...Who knows?? LOL!!:rolleyes:

  4. I would be too worried to tie a knot in my classic flap chain because I wouldnt want to spoil the leather or even maybe break the chain links! (If thats possible!)
    My SA said that i could use some elastic to tie the chains together to shorten it but I still dont feel happy doing that
  5. Hmm, that's what I was thinking as far as the elastic. I guess you could use a thick rubberband. I don't know.....was just curious..

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