Tying a ponytail scarf on a bag

  1. is there a guide somewhere that can show me how i can tie a ponytail scarf around a bag handle? i should have asked an SA to do it but it didn't occur to me until after i left the store. thanks!

    btw, i went to the outlet today and bought a bee ponytail scarf, and blue mini skinny and a bee wristlet!
  2. [​IMG]I have the scribble tied on my straw bag and I love it , the size is just right

    I just pick a handle and center the scraf on the loop and tie a bow
  3. tie it just like you would tie the know/bow on shoe laces.
  4. A SA Hermes showed me her favorite way to wear a twilly (basically same thing as ponytail scarf). Do a "half bow"...fold scarf in half, make a "loop" & pull it through & let the other half hang down straight. Does this make sense? Check out the Hermes section for more pics of scarves on bags...you'll get a lot of great info there. LMK if you want & I can try to take a pic.