Two's company, three's a crowd?


Two's company, three's a crowd?

  1. I would NEVER buy more than one color in a bag

  2. I would if I liked it enough, but I haven't yet

  3. I have, but no more than two in one style

  4. What a rookie, LOL! I have more than two in the same style

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  1. Since we've been talking about this subject, I'd like to take a poll. Would you ever buy more than one color in a specific bag style...or have you?

    I would and have done so. Once I like a style I have bought multiple colors. Tan biker Ramona...and red calf Ramona. Cognac LP Mahala, Poppy Mahala (shhhh!, no-one knows about this one), and soon to arrive Jungle Mahala.

    What are your thoughts about this issue?
  2. OK, I am hoping that cooler heads prevail from here on out and that my 2 Rikis and 2 Ring bags will be the only bags in those styles that I own so that was my vote....2 and 2 only! :p

    I think if I did find another Ring or Riki at some point, I would part with one of the ones I have now. I honestly can't imagine having 3 bags in the same style, but never say never! And you know, if it's a style you love, why NOT have as many as you want?? :love:

    Oh, and by the same token, I have 2 bags in the same material....burgundy biker leather. Just in a different style. But I much prefer the burgundy biker leather to the new Ring bags that just came out. Neither the yellow nor the perforated silver do anything for me....but I LOVE the burgundy biker leather! :heart:
  3. No. There are way too many other bags I want.
  4. I am really picky with bags:nogood:, so regardless of there being tons of bags on offer everywhere these days, I have difficulties finding the ones that I really like. So for me it makes sense to buy two of the same, in different colours and/or materials. Haven't done it yet though. The Sand Maddy has been on my mind lately, but although it's a mini Mahala, having a Mahala and a Maddy doesn't probably count as two of the same..?
  5. I just answered that I haven't owned more than two of one bag style in the same color, but I just realized that I own three Balenciaga Firsts!:nuts: As for JC, I would definitely consider another Mahala, but it would have to be in a color that I didn't already own in any style.
  6. So soon we forget :roflmfao:!
  7. Guilty.........I seem to gravitate to duplicates.
  8. Guilty also ... have two Mahala's. :love:
  9. Me too :blush: and will probably add another one or two if I'm lucky :nuts:
  10. Every bag has a different personality even if they are the same bag but in different styles. A patent bag can look very different from a non patent bag even when they are the same style. SO yes I definitely think it's ok to have multiple bags in different colors.
  11. I've never owned any JC's but I have two colors of Chanel reporters in brown and black, 2 Hermes Birkin 35cms- fuchsia and black and have owned MANY different LV speedy colors and styles. I would love to have multiple JCs!
  12. VERY well put! :tup:
  13. I'll give you a couple of JC Bags for your Fuchsia Birkin:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  14. That girl is serious, too! :jammin:
  15. I have limited myself to two of one style, and even then the second purchase is made after deep thought. Never regretted a second purchase yet. When I start thinking about a third I just remind myself about my wishlist and I am instantly cured from my temporary insanity!