Two years I've waited for my UHG. A Reveal!


Schumi Obsessed
Sep 2, 2007
Backstory. November 7, 2007. I see these and fall in love. So much in love that I even post about them on another forum I'm on.

Please. Before I buy something too expensive. But, I love. But expensive, but I'd wear them. But, I don't need them. But, I want them.

Tell me what a moron I'd be to buy these. For once, I'm asking for you all to criticize how I spend my money. Please.

Two days later, I break down and add them to my shopping cart, but are told "This item is unavailable."

Sadness, followed by two years of Ebay searching ensue. I even miss them on sale and are devastated. Until.....I find them! They come back into my life!

My Ultimate Holy Grail!