Two Wishes before my candles blow out.

  1. It's my Birthday today.

    I have two wishes that have come true.

    First, i got to see my baby on my ultrasound and found out it's a girl.
    Now i can pass on my handbags down to my daughter. Yippee!!!:yahoo:

    Second, i wish for my first reissue.:tup:It arrive today from Lisa at NM. I love my new black 227 metallic reissue.

    My family is taking me out for dinner tonight. Another to make more wishes.:graucho:



  2. Congratulations and happy birthday!!! 227 looks perfect on you :tup:
  3. thanks Aurora.
  4. WOW you look fantastic! I love the size and color of that reissue!!!

    Congrats on your baby girl. I too hope to have at least one daughter so I can pass on my bags as well. :yes:
  5. Happy Birthday, congratulations on your bag and most of all on your baby. The bag looks to be a perfect size for you and you look really lovely.
  6. What a big day for you! The bag is absolutely gorgeous, and most importantly congratulations on the baby girl :heart::drinks: Have a wonderful birthday!!
  7. WOW, congrats and congrats!! Love baby girl....and baby girl will love chanel!
  8. Happy Birthday, and Congrats on your baby girl and new Reissue! Wow, you've got lots to celebrate. You look so cute. I've got a daughter, too, and she's 13 now and already loves bags!
  9. Thanks missisa07, laloki, lovensparkle and IceEarl.

    Tammy518, a lil pudgey...LOL, i hope my daughter will appreciate these beautiful bags too
  10. Happy Birthday!!! You look lovely with the reissue.
  11. Congrats on the 2 new babies !!!!
    Both are great gifts that will bring much JOY..
    Happy Happy birthday !!!
  12. Gorgeous bag, it looks great on you.

  13. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your baby news. The bag looks lovely on you.
  14. :party: such happy news! have a FANTASTIC birthday! the bag looks fabulous on you!
  15. Happy Birthday and congratulations on wonderful baby news and an outstanding bag - you'll be the yummiest mummy in town!