Two weeks until patchwork release---who's in?

  1. I confirmed with my SA that the patchwork bags will be released on March 15th and although I'm disappointed that the price has gone up I still plan to get the bowly in grey

    Who else is getting one? Which style and color?
  2. The range is nice but the price is soooo unaffordable....
  3. I am on the wait list for the speedy in grey... I thought the release date is March 1st.....has it been postponded? if that's the case, that sucks! I really wann see in IRL. I was on the wait list for the blue first but the grey grew on I am waiting for the grey.... the price isn't as pretty as the bag though.......I think the speedy is around 2020...(US)....that's what my SA said last time.....but I think it's still the estimated who might drop a little.....

    Let's all post pix when we get them for references~!
  4. Darn how can the speedy be in 2K range now? I may change my mind on this... too $$$
  5. It looks cool but the price is too steep for me considering that it's denim... :'(
  6. Anyone else getting one? :graucho:

  7. Drool...but on purse ban.
  8. I'm waitlisted for the speedy and pouchy but i'm having a hard time justifying the price so I don't know if it will be coming home with me.

    I have also had date confirmed as 15th and price for speedy as £1000 and pouchY £555
  9. not sure if I am really into this line.
  10. Count me OUT.
  11. The confirmed price is $2020-$2050. The lookbook said it was going to be $1050! Haha... I don't think too many people are gonna get this one!
  12. Everyone will all due respect I totally understand if you are not into the line. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    But this thread is for those whe ARE.

    please be respectful and know that if you do not like the bag that you can simply not post here. This thread is not asking for opinions.

    thanks ;) :back2topic:

  13. Hmm. I hope it not march 1st b-cuz I'm not quite ready. LOL

    But I will definitly post pics of mine when I get it:graucho:
  14. that would be really nice in a men's messenger, i would get one

  15. Me too...I collect, but I can't bring myself to feeling :yahoo: about this one.