Two weeks to go !!!

  1. Well it's only two weeks until :love:Day, so who is hoping for a pair of CLs from thier SO?

    Which particular pair is on top of your wish list? Be specific as, you never know, he may be watching :smile:
  2. It's too soon for my BF to be buying me CL' least I think so. It's only been a few weeks. ;) I would LOVE my pewter simples soon though. :amuse:
  3. Well are you getting your lucky wife any???
  4. Hahaha, I don't think my DH would be on this forum but he's going to getting me a bag for :heart:'s Day. Um.. but if he was to get me a pair of shoes I would ask for Declic, Ambrosina or Nude Paillettes!
  5. Oh-oh! Well actually, I have an SO that will probably think it's not worth it; I say probably because he's too busy to realize and doesn't know about my new-found obsession... :shrugs: ... BUT... My wish list is as follows:
    Architek - Black
    Ariella Booties - Grey
    Aventa Mary Janes - Navy
    Decolzep 868
    Lady Gres
    Minibout - Taupe
    New Simple
    Simple 100s
  6. ^ Quite a list you got there, xnplo. Hope your wishes come true! :flowers:
  7. I'm not sure but I am looking.

    Since Xmas and her birthday, on 12th January, I have bought her five pairs so I might be excused not getting her this time around.
    GRES 1.jpg Cravtouza.jpg 565b_1.jpg Marpoil 2.jpg Palace Zeppa 1.jpg
  8. Very nice!
  9. I wish! Not a chance.
  10. No, because I'm asking for a Tacori wedding band. =O
  11. Platinum - good choice. Anything like this?
  12. That looks a lot like mine, but mine is Scott Kay, also platinum.
  13. Hm...I think he might. I just can't decide on a style just yet. Maybe the Simple 85's in a bright colour...haven't seen red or yellow here yet so I'll just wait and see.
  14. I wont be getting a pair:sad:, but that's OK, I just bought myself pair!
  15. If we can find a pair on my wish list, yes. But it looks like it's not gonna happen. We don't officially exchange gifts on V-day, but sometimes he does when he knows I'm aching for something. I just give him a card. :smile: