Two weeks for delivery?

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  1. I've been trying to get a mini pochette for months. Last night I got lucky and bought one on the website. I just got my email that my item has shipped but it's not due to be here for 2 weeks? (Email said - Additional delivery time up to 2 weeks may be required) I also could not find the option of ship to store during checkout so I am thinking this has something to do with it? I live in Southern CA so I can't figure out why such a delay for delivery. Any ideas? Maybe coming from France? Lol!
  2. The two weeks is just standard for when they ship out an item. The LV website always adds that it may take an additional two weeks but it’s usually just a couple of days. I would check the UPS tracking once they’ve shipped it out for a more accurate delivery date.
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  3. Thank you! That's good to know!
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  4. We’re entering of time of holiday shopping, It may be busy now with shipping companies?
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  5. Maybe? I've never had anything take 2 weeks unless it was coming from overseas.
  6. Nah, don't worry. Online always says that.
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  7. It’s not coming from Paris. The website always adds cushion for delivery estimates. I typically get my items within 3-5 business days.
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  8. I guess I posted too soon. It's already been updated for an earlier date. Thanks!
  9. My latest order says 14 days additional.. already 8 days past order date now. Apparently mines on order from Paris :amazed:
  10. I’ve had that message on both my orders - Alma bb and Key pouch and both came within 2 days or next day
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  11. :shocked:
  12. Most likely because since its low on stock and they have to transfer it from somewhere else to have it shipped to you.