Two Wedding Bands

  1. -- One on each side of the Bling...Has anyone heard of this? Ok, I was watching one of those cheesy wedding shows on the WE network and this bride had an over the top wedding, etc.

    But, her fiance/soon to be husband gave her (as a gift before the ceremony) a thin wedding band with small diamonds to match the band he would give her at the ceremony.
    The point was to have a band on both sides of her engagement ring -- one closer to her heart, blah, blah, blah...

    I am intrigued b/c I haven't really heard of this. Here are my questions:

    A) I have a subscription to all the bridal magazine and I never read them -- did i miss this as a trend?

    B) If the bands are tasteful and not too bling -- is it tacky?

    C) Any ideas on pretty bands that might work?

  2. Id either go with two plain or two really thin eternity or half-eternity bands. Im on the fence about adding a 2nd w-band to my set. I wear my plain solitare with a diamond half eternity.
  3. I have seen these done....usually looks great with a thin eternity band, specially if there's not side stones on a solitare.
  4. i think it might look great...also it's even greater when the two bands have sentimental value like said in the show you watched :smile:
  5. I like the look of two very thin pave diamond bands sandwiching a solitaire engagement ring. Looks really classy!
  6. ditto.
  7. it is not new. it has been around awhile.
  8. I've worn my rings like that and I like the way the top band protects my solitaire.
  9. I have worn 2 wedding band with my ering, gives it a more symetrical look. I think that it all depends on the style of the ering and the bands. I have also seen it done where it is way too much bling (never thought that I would say it, but there is such a thing)!
  10. I think its a lovely idea!x
  11. I LOVE the look of 2 bands!!!!
  12. I love the 2 band look too.
  13. It looks great, as the other said - especially if the band is thin and plain or thin and pave eternity.
  14. I was just looking at that design myself the other day to upgrade my existing er!!!! It almost looks like you are wearing one ring as the top and bottom bands look like part of the design. I would actually have it made as one ring for myself. I think you get a lot of bling in this design!