Two Vintage Kooba Beauties

  1. I hate to do this to Lindy but take a look at these....What are their names???? They are both darling. I'm not into Silver bags but it is cute. The First one looks sort along the lines of the moc croc teal Kooba I had. That is darling.
  2. Oh my. I like that first one....I wish there were more pics.

  3. Write and ask for more. Give those sellers something to do! :smile:) I don't get it that some sellers think 1 or 2 pics will sell a bag. A picture paints a thousand words...So I guess they think 1000 words is enough!:roflmfao:
  4. That silver one is a McCutey! I always wondered what the embossed Logo should look like from Vintage bags...

    thanks Lexie, once again!
  5. Oooh I like the Croc one. I would have never guessed that it was Kooba though, especially with the 'clowns trousers' lining. :lol:
  6. I like the Silver one, it's called the Carmen. I have one in white!
  7. Thanks Koobabaglover...I can name it in my file? Any idea what the croc one is called???
  8. Yeah, just imagine having to wear a superhero suit made of that material...
  9. Oh I do like that first one but am worried you have to unhook something to get that strap out of the way to go inside....ewww.

    The lining I love.

    Gee whiz, 189 to start.....
  10. I thought 187 was steep too for an old bag. It's the "Vintage" factor. I love the looks but I can't deal with bags that require you to unhook something first to get in...(That why my Botkier Bianca went Bye Bye).

    Then have to think of it this way. It's rare rare rare and the chance that you will see it again is virtually zilch.