Two vintage finds. Rouge H/toile Sandrine and Box Pochette with belt.

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  1. Like a few of the ladies here I started my collection with new bags and now find myself veering towards older style Hermes bags. I follow the Doc's cleaning instructions and as I got to be hands on with my bags I started to notice and appreciate leather quality, construction and stitching that seems to come with older styles. I also like the history and story that comes with older bags.

    Both are eBay finds and I can't believe how lucky I was to get them both.

    1. Sac Sandrine. Rouge H box/cream toile and GHW. It even came with the original Hermes sales tag from 1979 - carries an I in a circle and is so immaculate I feel like I have woken up a sleeping beauty!




    2. Black box pochette with belt. I always seem to arrive at passport control laden like a Tibetan pack horse and clueless to when and where I last saw my passport. Here is my life saver. Holds my phone, passport and lipstick and I will always know where it is - around my waist. That is the theory and will be tested on route to Barbados next week! I have seen this style in Barenia and Courcheval but never box and certainly never lined in box too.


  2. Lovely vintage finds! Enjoy your rare beauties!
  3. Wow! What fabulous finds. The sandrine is beautiful and I love the sales ticket. Have a super holiday.
  4. Lovely finds and rather rare indeed! Congrats..
  5. Thank you. Going to have to change my avatar now since everyone now knows it isn't me getting into the helicopter!!! So lovely to hear from you.
  6. Thank you.

    I hadn't come across a Sandrine before but when I started looking noticed qute a few on tPF although no toile ones as yet!
  7. they are both beautiful darling enjoy the best of health !!
  8. I love both your beautiful finds! Agree with you about the quality and style of vintage pieces as I just found a Vasco bag in Rouge H and the leather is so fine and smooth, it's like velvet and the stitching is so tiny.
    Thank you for sharing.
  9. Such lovely vintage treasures, congrats!
  10. They are both very lovely! What a find! Congratulations! :smile:
  11. How fabulous!!!!! The toile is so pristine! I found a vintage Sandrine many years ago in olive box leather that also looked as if it had never been used. It is a wonderful style.

    It's nice to know that real finds are still out there.:smile:
  12. That's a beautiful Sandrine :love:
  13. Lovely buys! These vintage finds needs to be treasured and fall into the hands of Hermes lovers who will treasure and cherish them.
  14. Congrats on great vintage love

    Cherish them with lots of love
    Unique n special
  15. Thank you. Both finds are jetting off to Barbados next week so a great start.

    Oh, I need to go and find a pic of a Vasco. Sounds very pretty.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Thank you.

    Hi, I read about your vert olive when I was doing a "Sandrine" search. I never found any pics but from your description it sounded very beautiful and such a great colour.

    Thank you.

    They will certainly be cherished and used here!

    Thank you. The box pochette had already been cleaned and polished and tomorrow I start on the Sandrine. Can't wait.