Two very similar Marc Jacobs bags...

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  1. Of these two, which would you choose? (Inspired by youngprof's "new classic" thread.)


    I think the two-handled bag has a little more flair (that's the Stella?).
  2. I agree with you, Pseub. I like the satchel a little more than the shoulder bag.
  3. it depends how much stuff you need to carry, if your a feather then choose the first, but if you live in your bag id opt for the second one. whats your height, if the sizes between the two are completely different i would choose the appropriate one then.
  4. I have both (I'm a serious MJ fan) and they are good for different things. The two-handled Stella (bottom) has a zipper along the top that comes completely apart, allowing you to put things like files, books, your lunch, etc. in there (and I do).

    The shoulder-strapped Sofia (top) has three separate compartments, two zipped and one that closes with a zipper, so it is lovely when you want all of your things in their own proper place, rather than one big compartment.

    Both can go on the shoulder, but the Stella can also be hand-carried.
    Both can also be adjusted as to the length of the straps.

    I find I use the Stella more than the Sofia, as an everyday bag.
  5. Does the Stella have pockets inside the main compartment?
  6. It has one zippered pocket in the main compartment (in addition to the outside zippered pocket and two buckled pockets).
  7. Thanks for the info! The picture you posted in your thread of it being worn on the shoulder really made me look twice at this bag. It's a beauty.
  8. I like the shoulder bag with one strap the best.
  9. I prefer the stella, the shape is just more appealing.
  10. I found a photo where I'm wearing my plum colored Stella on my shoulder. Here's the close-up:

  11. Now I'm seriously drooling. :love: :love: :love:

    That color is gorgeous!

    So the ones available now are a reissue of an older bag? Will they be available for a while, do you think?
  12. I'm afraid the only place you would be able to find that color might be on ebay - it is from the original Fall 02 line. I love that bag best of all my bags and have carried it so much. I've actually temporarily retired it (lovingly stuffed with tissue and in its dustbag) just so some other bags would see the light of day!
  13. The hardware that secures the two straps on the Stella is a better balance for the 'weight' of the pockets on the front than the design of the Sofia. The Sofia looks awkward to me. It looks like a slim bag with HUGE pockets on the front.
  14. I agree. I think visually, the Stella is a nicely balanced bag.
  15. they had this bag for sale on the NAP site a few months ago in white for like $400...i knew i should have gotten it!