two unknown versace bags

  1. Hi! Today someone gave me two of her versace handbags as a gift. They are slightly used, but still look very good. Obviously I was extremely happy with this gift! I wanted to see if I could find info on these bags but there is NOTHING out there about old versace collections, only the new ones. Can anyone identify these bags? They are bought within the last 5 years. I'm 100% sure these are not fakes because the person who gave them to me is pretty wealthy and only shops in the real stores etc. I made a pic with my webcam (too lazy to do with real cam). Any help is appreciated!

    This one is black leather with the gold straps with roses on one site. The tiny cube-sticks on the end of the handles say 'versace'.

    Also black leather, the strap thingies have diamonds in them.

    She said the first one was around $700 and the 2nd around $1300, but wasn't sure exactly. Anyone have a clue?
  2. I have no idea, and I'm sorry I can't help! But they are gorgeous! I am drooling over the first one, I love the straps of it! It was very nice of her to give them to you! Hope you enjoy them, and find some more info about them! Perhaps, you could try E-Bay to see if there are any on their like them :smile:
  3. I'm of no help either but I'm loving the straps on the first one!
  4. They look like great dress up bags.
  5. omg... love the straps on the first one. sorry, i don't know much about versace bags either!