two truths and a lie

  1. the title's pretty self explanitory. :smile:

    guess the person above you, then post your own. i'll start.

    i had a dog named brandy ann peaches (say it out loud) when i was little. i also had a parakeet named champagne.

    i was an extra in kindergarden cop...arnold swartzenagger patted me on the head and told me i was sweet.

    i can run an 8 minute mile.

  2. Wow-I really need to know how old you are to guess this one-LOL!

    OK-I say the lie is that you were an extra in Kindergarten Cop-because, i think if you were in it-you could spell it correctly ;).

    Here are mine:

    I used to live in a semi famous hotel in NYC where I met and partied with quite a few well know musicians and actors, such as The Cars, Ziggie Marley, Matt Dillon and others.

    I have a half brother whom I have never met-it seems Dad had a kid while he was stationed in Korea during the Korean War.

    When I was in college, I had a part time job as a receptionist for a phone sex company.
  3. you'd think. :yes: i'm really just a horrid speller. :shame: kindergarTen cop was filmed in the next town over. you can actually see parts of the town i grew up in in certain scenes....the part where she pulls over and throws up? i drive that road every day. :supacool:

    the lie is an 8 minute's more like 12. :wlae:

    i don't have a brother in korea. you don't look old enough to have a dad that served in the korean war. :yes:

  4. Darn!! The 8 minute mile was my first choice for the lie-I changed my mind only when i saw you spell Kindergarten wrong-LOL!

    And, yes, you are correct. I do NOT have a half brother in Korea. Though, it is true that my dad fought in the Korean War (he was actually in a MASH unit there). He is gone now, but if he were alive, he would have been 76 years old. I am 41.

    This is fun-next!
  5. Here' mine..this is fun...

    1. I ate poop when I was a baby by accident.

    2.I have a tail.

    3. I wear a sauna suit, while sitting outside underneath the tree, in FL weather, to sweat & lose weight....can we say lazy workout? hahahahhah
  6. This is fun!
    I can write backwards in cursive.
    I can do cartwheels.
    I have a photographic memory.
  7. Tickle... I am guessing you dont have a tail??
  8. Selenaaa...u were suppose to guess which oen is the lie in my 3. heheh :P

    I guess I'll do yours.


  9. I did guess!!
    And I cant DO A CARTWHEEL! :P
  10. i DO have a tail!!!! LOL!!!!

    ........just kidding. LOL :roflmfao:
  11. WOW. if that's you in your avatar you do NOT look fourty one. and your dad would be the same age my gramps is now.

    well since no one else wants to play and i'm ridiculously bored, i guess i'll go again. :smile:

    my brother's cats have all been named after dictators. lenin and chairman meow.

    i only drink girly cocktails. the fruitier the better.

    i like my coffee like i like my men: strong, sweet and HOT. :graucho:
  12. OMG you freaking scared me!! LOL
  13. i took too long to post! yay! more people. heheh.
  14. tickelme- You do not have a tail! Make it harder next time!

    Selena-oh-you gave yours already-you can't do a cartwheel!

    This is fun!

    OK-I am going to go again-LOL

    My first sexual experience was in the back of a car at the age of 16

    I don't know how to swim

    I have spent the night in jail
  15. ] :roflmfao: oh man this is quite entertaining. :nuts: