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  1. Well, I was just window shopping in Harvey Nichols, and where else could I share what I saw?;)

    First of all, I've finally encountered a real life paddy, and made three discoveries.
    1) The baby paddy is not nearly as small as I thought - its actually quite cute.
    2) The Whiskey colour is absolutely gorgeous!
    3) The bowling style paddy, with the zipper round the bottom, is not as huge and bulky as I was expecting. And the off white is yummy!

    Second, I can't help being struck by how large the MJ Venetia is. Everytime I see it seems to get bigger.:weird: However, its not as large as the Stam - that thing is enormous! I suspect I could live in it.

    Third, the Jimmy Choo Theola is really lovely - you notive the hardware a lot less than you'd imagine.

    Fourth, Balenciaga is as beautiful as ever.:love:

    Now, my point. The reason I was window shopping is that I've finally decided to spend some of my hard-saved money on a fabulous bag, and I was looking for inspiration. Problem is, I found too much and now I'm torn. So, help?:sad:

    I've loved Balenciaga for many years now, and initially had my heart set on it. But that was a) before I saw the paddy in person, and b) before I felll for LV. I think the paddy might be beyond me - that padlock is pretty heavy, and my shoulders are useless - but that still leaves me with the question - LV, or Balenciaga?

    Sorry for the rambling.:shame: But where else could I get this kind of advice?

  2. Hello english girl. I so wish I could be shopping in Harvey Nichols too -- such a lovely store!
    Anyway. I can well understand why you might be torn! My personal vote is going to go, in this case, to Balenciaga, however it really depends on which LV you are considering. Have you narrowed down any style choices? Also... It seems as though you've been dreaming of Balenciaga for such a long time... maybe a shame not to realize the dream?
  3. That's what I've been thinking too - it'll probably be what I end up doing too - but there's just this little voice in the back of my head that wonders if an LV would be a more practical choice. Something like a Speedy, or a Batignolles. Maybe I'm just mad! LOL!
  4. No, not mad -- just savvy. It's good to second guess yourself a little bit. By the way, I've come to feel that Balenciaga is not unpractical (the bags are 'useful', if you know what I mean) -- so there is that. I can understand being torn between LV, especially when it comes to some of the special LV pieces. Speedy and Batignolles should continue to be pretty much available, though. If these are the LVs that you are thinking about (and they would, most definitely, be nice -- and practical -- choices), then you will live to shop another day. I mean -- you can always pick either (or both) of those up later, or over the next years. I think, though, it would be really a coup to have the Balenciaga at the time that you've been wanting it so very much... there's just something lovely about those bags.
  5. Thanks melisande - I really appreciate the advice. Its helped confirm a lot of what I've been thinking - thank you.
  6. no problem!
  7. you should see my ebay watch list, its totally torn between LV and Balenciaga too! I'm afraid the the motorcycle bags are too overdone (you never see them around here, but I'm saying in general) to justify $1000+, and LV will probably hold its value better.
    but oh how I love the Balenciagas...
  8. If you've been dreaming of a Balenciaga for so long, you should get that bag to have your dream come true. You can always get a LV later since there are more LV stores than Balenciaga stores (well at least here in the USA).
  9. HELLO!!!?? :lol: your avatar should answer your question!:lol: You need closure! If you love a bag that much, I think you will love it foreva!...Go for it! What color??????:nuts:
  10. Well, I'd love the one in my avi - its the same as the one Cristina just got - but its not produced anymore, and I'm not daring enough to go the ebay route. I really like the origan colour, like Loganz's twiggy, but if I can't get that then I might get the ink, or wait and see what the spring emerald colour looks like.

    PS Is it obvious that green is my favourite colour? lol!
  11. I'm excited about the new emerald too. You might want to wait on it. As much as I like the origan, I'm afraid that it might get dirty faster than the darker green color.
  12. Well, I can't get the bag til April/May anyway, so I've got to wait. The emerald should be out by then, so I can see it before I make up my mind.
  13. green's my favorite color too :biggrin: and i can't wait to see the emerald color!

    i have to go with everyone else- get the know you want it!!! ;)
  14. Well, I gave an SA at Harvey Nichols my details, so she could contact me if they got any green city bags in. I don't know whether to be excited or nervous!

    PS The stam is heavy!
  15. I could see the stam being quite heavy, that chain is pretty substantial ! I'm glad you decided on the B-bag, especially in the green !

    I looove window shopping too, but I always wish that it was actually real shopping, with my credit card that has no limits and gets paid off magically (in my dreams!).