two-toned hair!

  1. i want blonde underneath & a bunch of highlights but i can't find a pic ANYWHERE to bring it to the salon & i prefer when he has a visual of what i want rather than me telling him..

    if anyone finds a pic please help me out!

    my hair is brown right now, just a regular brown.
  2. Hi Toni_Ann thats me too. I am looking for blonde on top and brown underneath...not much luck either. I will let you know if I do come across something. Please do the same=)
  3. Hmmm, seem to be having the same problem myself! I'm naturally dark brown and because of the fear of roots, I want to do dark (maybe even a little darker than my natural color) and blonde underneath. I've seen people on these forums say how played out the look is, but if thats so, why can't I find any good pictures?!! Let me know if you guys find anything. Oh... and for the person who posted above my post... I heard a good suggestion - Trisha from MTVs Real Word, Sydney...if you go to and look at pics of her you might find what you're looking for. Me personally, I'm looking for the oppisite...Good Luck!
  4. yeah- i actually went through with it last month. i love trisha's hair but i could never do my base blonde, it'll fry my hair up bad.

    FineHairMama- tell me about it, & i hear all the time how "trashy" it is. definately not as played out as people think it is.

    this is the only pic i have so far that REALLY shows it.