Two toned hair: blonde on top with brown under or brown on top and blond under?

  1. I need help to decide what to go with. I have naturally dark brown hair but it is currently dyed bark auburn but i have no problem dying it another color. My hair cut is very similar to the one in the picture but about 2-3 in longer.
  2. Sorry, I'm not a fan of two-toned hair. I suppose if I had to choose, I'd say blonde underneath.
  3. ^ Same here. It looks dated and not very nice, IMO. If that is you in the photo, why not just do some highlights if you want to add some extra life to your hair?
  4. ^agreed- to me its too juvenile looking. I think you would look awesome with some highlights though! Maybe blonde or strawberry blonde?
  5. I agree.
  6. Maybe you could do light brown with dark brown underneath? It would be less in-your-face and dated looking.
  7. Yes, I agree with the others. The two-tone thing is dated, and even when it was very popular, only certain people could pull it off (I know I certainly never would be able to!!)

    If that's you in the picture, I think some highlights would be nice, but I don't really think blonde would suit you.
  8. I think you would look great w/ rich dark brown hair!
    If you want info on 2 tone there are many threads on that if you search. GL!
  9. Two-tone hair is trailer park chic. It's also inappropriate for women who are out of high school. It reminds me of a skunk.

    Your skin tone deserves a rich, dark brown, not blonde. It would wash you out.
  10. I personally don't like 2 toned hair.
  11. i would go much darker, nearer to your natural eyebrow colour. your hair will be so glossy and you have the skintone to carry off a much more dramatic colour
  12. Not a fan of two-toned hair either. It is too juvenile for me. Sorry.