Two-tone tan Silverado for $639.90

  1. I got a call from Amy at the Nordstrom in Brea, CA to tell me there is a lone Silverdo in "two tone tan" marked down to $639.90.
  2. Wow, great deal KMSNYC! Hope you grabbed it! Wish I could score like that!!! I actually live just 30 min from that store and never realized they sold Chloe!
  3. good price! are u gonna buy it?
  4. I actually don't love the leather silverados so much. I once owned the two tone tan and sold it because as lovely as it was, it just wasn't me.

    But hopefully this is someone else's dream bag and she can snap it up! :heart:
  5. I might be interested in this but I have not seen one IRL. Do you still have any photos of the two tone tan that you owned? Thanks!