Two-Tone Croc: Black AND _______

  1. 30cm Black Crocodile


    Vert Anis or Fuschia

    I already have a lot of green, including a 32cm Croc Vert Jasmine Kelly and a 35cm Vert Anis Birkin, but, I have green because I like it a lot. I don't wear very much pink, but maybe just the arms in pink is a good way to start wearing it? I have no bags in Fuschia...
    Wait, no, that's a lie -- I have a Fuschia clutch someplace, I have to dig that baby out! I don't even remember what model...

    I posted black and fuschia - I'm sure you all remember Aspen's black and vert anis!!!
    Black and Pink.jpg
  2. I am confused- I am sorry! are you askign which color you should buy?
  3. I think user857857 is asking advice if the vert anis or fuschia bi-color would be better :flowers:
  4. I am voting for vert anis, since you already have green bags and you can work the black and vert anis one without problem :flowers:
  5. Duh! Thank you so much Pof!!!! I think I need more coffee! :p

    I personally love fuschia! What a fabulous combination!
  6. What a colour combination! You really need to have a personality to match that kind of bag, if you do, it will be stunning.
  7. Yes - I was asking which I should buy, I have access to one of each, kind of a strange coincidence... But I just can't decide, and although my response in this type of situation is usually, "Both!" -- they are very similar, I'm not completely comfortable with two tone croc (yet...) and I am going to play the price tag card...
  8. Nola -- That's the problem...I'm not sure I do... That's why I'm leaning Vert Anis, at least I am comfortable with black and vert anis, maybe that will make it easier to put them together...
  9. I vote Fuschia - both are stunning though. I just love black and pink together.
  10. I think if you can carry off two-tone with vert anis, you can certainly carry off fuschia! I would imagine your own coloring would be most important, plus your wardrobe. If it's hard to decide find a quiet place for ten minutes and see if one or the other calls your name more strongly. Good luck! What a lovely problem to have!
  11. user - since you have a lot of greens, i vote for black and fuschia too! the pink and black combo is a stunner!

    btw, can you post a picture of your vert jasmine kelly in croc - i'm dying to see that color in exotic skin! heck, i have not even seen it in regular leather either! pls, pls!
  12. ^^I'm going to beg too! I would love to see a pic of vert jasmin :drool: ! Whichever one you pic will be TDF!
  13. The bag is at my country house -- I will have to post pictures tomorrow gang, sorry!! But, no worries, it will come. Actually...maybe I'dd head there now, I was planning on going in the morning anyway. Ok, I'm convinced, I'm going now, I'll post pics in a few hours!
  14. First, you are the luckiest girl alive!!
    Second, fuschia!!
  15. ooooooooh i cant wait to see!!!