Two-tone bucket bag, can't decide...

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  1. Considering returning my BC bucket....opinions? Have been using my cb Patricia (love), even though I've had the bucket since August 1. Was going to move in tomorrow, now not sure???

    Is saffron available yet in the bucket? Maybe it's the color, seems a little 'blah'. Not sure, maybe I'm just tired.

    Considering returning and holding out for the two-two bucket (22407, $498) coming out end of December. Any word on that? Pics?
  2. I love the color! Look back at your pix - it looks fantastic on you! Look at emilybugs' reveal again too. I think you'll fall back in love... you wanted it so bad. I haven't even used mine yet - I'm waiting for fall weather, or at least cooler. It's still hot/summer in CA, and to me, it just seems more a Fall color.
    The two tone - is that the rugby stripe one? Someone revealed one in black/camel. I think it's on the website. I've also seen it in parchment/red.
  3. Love the BC color, if I already didnt own camel I'd get BC
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    No it's a two-tone BUCKET BAG :biggrin:. Going to be available in about 8 combos. Would rather have that in the bucket. I really don't want/need two of the buckets.

    JAX to me About it when I was calling about BC.

    Sounds like some fun combos. Need to call again: make sure it's leather!
  5. Are there pictures anywhere of the two toned Bucket? Would love to see this :smile:
  6. Not that I know of
  7. I returned my BC bucket! To blah compared to the Anna bag!