Two tone Annie -v- plain

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  1. I am currently looking for two smart bags, one around Roxanne/Bayswater type proportions and another either the same sort of size or slightly smaller.

    I loved the Annie when I saw it in the Mulberry shop and thought it looked gorgeous in plain black *but* there is a choco and oak one on e-bay which I also like, however do you think the two tone leather gives the bag a more casual feel?
  2. I must admit I would say it's quite a casual looking bag. I love mine to bits (two tone Annie) but I would say that black looks more formal??
  3. Yes, i'd go for a plain colour annie. Black probably looks more formal than oak (which I've got)
  4. Yes, the black is more formal imo, and I like it much better than the choco-oak combo. I personally think that the two-toned looks a bit busy. I also agree that the oak Annie looks slightly more casual than the black, and I love both - they just have different looks.
  5. I suspected that, presume the tooled oak Bayswater (which I've also got my eye on) would be similar, think it is a beautiful bag but also thinking it is too casual. :crybaby:
  6. Well, since you are looking for two bags, how about the plain black Annie and the tooled bayswater - then you'll get both formal and a bit more casual. And you can follow your heart :heart: If you really love the tooled bayswater, I'd say go for it! I would personally say that the tooled is more of a jeans-and-boots bag, but it can easily be dressed up. I also like to carry mine to business meetings with a very strict business suit - just to add a bit of spice to the outfit (and I have received compliments on it many times - even from collegues that are normally not interested in bags). I find the bayswater to be such a classic shape, that also the tooled can be worn as a business bag, together with the right outfit.
  7. ^^ I agree the very shape of the Bayswater makes it more formal IMO. The two tone Annie is definately less formal.
  8. The black Annie (or black Roxanne) and tooled Bayswater sounds like a plan. :graucho: I don't do smart very successfully anyway and often my interpretation of smart is an a-line skirt (often denim, cord or patterned), worn with a t-shirt or v necked jumper, boots (brown or black) and a bright coloured jacket or coat. Annie/Roxanne would help me dress up a bit and tooled Bayswater would probably fit in quite well with my wardrobe.

    It's just funds that are the issue now! :lol:

  9. Sounds like we have very similar dress sense! (and i love my oak annie and ivy bayswater with my wardrobe!):yahoo: