Two things...

  1. I saw two things while out "browsing" today with my lovely kiddies today at Brent Cross.

    First was the red Gap fleece Roxanne. If anyone is after one, get in quick...but it is £85. I was going to put it on hold in case any of you wanted one, but they would only hold until the end of the day. I am not a fan, but I can see how some may like it. There was only one on the shop floor, but she said they may have another in the back.

    The other bag I saw was the Poppy bag in putty. I was so excited and i think it is very pretty! Not very Mulberry, but still gorgeous and well made. I am not quite sure about the rivets though.
    They also had a few rose Mabel's (at full price) and they are fab!

    Oh I love Mulberry :girlsigh:
  2. sounds lush. i miss my shopping days. An i am now off 2 work 4 day 3 of war!


    Do some shopping for me.