Two Things that should NEVER be together...


Oct 4, 2007
Melted Chocolate + LV

: ( this weekend i did something EXTREMELY stupid.. which was leave a piece of chocolate in my azur speedy..
and the outcome was DISASTER
normally i would hve a book in the bottom of my bag but i didnt have it this ONE TIME
and my bag was RUINED! chocolate all over the inside!!

lesson learned: never put food into your purse!

going to be taking my bag to LV after my exam this week and see what can be done.. i was so devastated!

This is the only time in my life i WISHED it was winter : (

sigh just needed to vent a little

and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting the stain out?

theres the chocolate stain thats dark and a lighter stain around the chocolate stain from the oil in the chocolate..

TIA, and i hope someone will remember this story and think twice about putting chocolate in their bag


Jan 19, 2006
Oh, no! I'm so sorry for you. :sad: I hope LV can help you. I've seen (it was on the ebay purse board) someone use a carpet cleaning soap called Folex. You can buy it at Target in the cleaning aisle. The difference in the speedy she cleaned was night and day. It was remarkable! But, it was a regular mono speedy, I don't know if that would matter. She kinda pulled the lining out of the bag (not detaching it), and washed it.


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Mar 10, 2007
You could also try Shout wipes - which might remove some, if not most of the stain. Then take regular damp cloth to remove the soap, since it's a pre-treat for washing an article of clothing.


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Oct 22, 2006
ouch, maybe get the interior replaced? chocolate stains (like grass like wine) are hard to remove because you need a protein enzyme to break up the stain. thats why there's tide that can get rid of grass stains supposedly... but i wouldn't suggest it, never know what it can do to the bag. replace the interior cuz it can possibly attract insects especially when spring is here and summer approaches


Nov 22, 2006
Sorry about your chocolate accident. I hope you are able to get the stain removed. I'm assuming that the stain is just on the interior side of the bag, right? It didn't go through to the outside of the bag? (Hope not!) If the stain doesn't come out, maybe you could buy a Speedy base shaper on eBay or make your own base shaper to place inside the Speedy to cover up the stain?

I think it's also a good lesson for all of us to not leave food items inside our LV bags! Or it might be a good idea for all of us to carry a plastic sandwich baggie or a larger plastic baggie inside our purses for when we have to carry food items with us! This would also be good idea to carry ink pens inside a plastic bag in case the pen explodes.
Jan 12, 2008
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So sorry. Could you flip the interior and wash it carefully by hand? OR could LV replace the interior? Or you could buy a speedy base shaper to cover the stain like peace43 had suggested?

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Sep 10, 2007
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Yep generally FOOD or WATER & LV = NO NO.

Sorry to hear about your incident. Hope you managed to clean it out.
Do let us know if LV had better advice...mine would be to use baby wipes and clean vigourously.


May 16, 2007
oh no, i'm so sorry to hear that! that's something i would totally do too - bring chocolate in my bag! :P hope everything turns out alright and g'luck on your exams! :smile: